Card Making

Happy Sunday everyone! As promised, today I am sharing another card featuring the Chibitronic LEDs – fun little lights that you can incorporate into your cards to make them super special!

This time I used a yellow LED as a shooting star -and these two bunnies from the Mama Elephant Honey Bunny stamp set was the perfect image to set the scene, and the stars are from the Unicorns & Rainbows Stamp set, also from Mama Elephant.

I got down and dirty with my distress ink for this one, but I really enjoy creating night time scenes as I think they look awesome! So at the end of the night when my fingers are black with inkiness – I just remind myself that its all worth it! :-)

To colour the bunnies I used my distress inks with a water brush to ‘paint’ the image. I love the way this looks on cards -and its a fairly quick process which is an added bonus!

The trickiest part of this card was of course the circuit. It takes a little practice, but I am getting much quicker now, and I have picked up some tricks along the way! :-) In this card I used a post it note to create the switch mechanism, and it was much easier than sticking down a piece of paper because i could move it about if i needed to.

I decided to make the button a lot more subtle on this card… no ‘press me’ or ‘push’ buttons at all. Even the LED is fairly subtle… I was thinking that it would be fun to put a message in the inside to make it more obvious – maybe ‘give the bunnies a hug’ or ‘squeeze the bunnies’. That way it would be an even bigger surprise for the recipient!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the video!

If you like this card, you might want to check out these other cards which also have LEDs in them – I Lava You and Winter Fox. We are off to a May Fair, to have hotdogs, ice-cream and lots of fun! But before I go, I wanted to share a sneaky peeky of a home decor project I am working on. It’s so cute I could scream!! CIAO!


Honey Bee Stamps Design Team 2016 Entry

by Lesley Oman on 21 May, 2016

Hello Crafty friends,
I am doing it! I’m applying for a Design Team! Squeeeeee!!

I really miss not being on a Design Team ever since The Scrapbook Magazine finished its print publication, and to be honest, my creative passion is more centred around card making and stamping these days! So, when I discovered that Honey Bee Stamps were having a Design Team call, I thought I would put myself out there! Seize the day, and what-not!

So, a little pre-warning, this is a photo-heavy post, but hey, you might like that kinda thing! :-)

For you regulars, you will have seen some of these projects before, but you never know when inspiration strikes, so sit back with a cuppa tea and enjoy a stroll through my recent creative portfolio! For most of the photos, you can click the picture to reach the blog post featuring that project, and most will have video tutorials. But I am also sharing some new projects that won’t have any links as yet. As a little treat, at the end I am sharing one of my doodles that I have digitised! Its all so very exciting! :-)

To begin with, some cards with lots of stamping! First up is this popular little critter, that brightens up the darkest day!

This light up card has a built in light, which means when you press the heart, the background lights up with a blue LED. It was one of my first projects using the paper circuits from Chibitronics, and I even have another one to share this weekend (so watch this space!).

Next up, another shaker card! I wonted to create a card with some soft, pastel colours. I used distress ink to create the background, and the sweet unicorn, clouds and cake stamps were coloured with a little watercolour painting.

Our friends Mark and Heli love diving, so this is one of their favourite Hungry Heffy Crafts projects. This time the critters were coloured using some Spectrum Noir colouring pencils, and I used some blending solution to make the colours blend together nicely.

When my friend Alexia got a new job AND a new house, I wanted to create a two-for-one card. I thought an exploding box card would do the trick. From one side, the banner says ‘New Home’ and when you turn the card around, the other side of the banner says ‘New House’! For this project I incorporated some reverse stamping so the images were double-sided! It took a little while, but it was worth it!

My Granny turned 90 earlier this month (Happy Birthday Granny Minnie!) and for this special occasion I wanted a special, sophisticated card. I used lots of the small space-filler stamps (you know the small ones that are in most stamp sets, usually flowers or hearts) to create a wreath shape. To make the card more interesting I incorporated some partial die cutting with acetate, and for an extra special personal touch, I hand lettered her name at the bottom of the card.

My fingers were completely black after this one! Lots and lots of distress ink went into creating this space-tacular background! I love how it turned out. I also used an embossing folder in a letter-press style to add texture to the little planet! I had to do quite a bit of partial stamping to create the greeting I wanted by using the stamps in my stash- but that’s all part of the fun for me!

I made this next card because I was challenging myself to ‘just-make-it-work!’. I took a stamp that had the American spelling of the word ‘color’, but with some creative masking I was able to change the greeting to the British English spelling: colour!

Do you ever see something random, and then have an instant idea for a card? My daughter was watching Carebears and I had a sudden realisation that I could pretty much mix-and-match my stamps to make a carebear. I used a teeny heart stamp for his nose and some eyes from another critter to make him more smiley! Plus I added a pun-tastic greeting! <3

What do you do when you have an idea, but the stamp in your stash is too big? Answer- Shrink it with shrink plastic! Thats what I did for this fun spinner card, once again featuring a distress ink background.

This next card was inspired by a small rainbow scrap that I had left over from another card. It was too pretty to throw away, so I came up with the idea of having a tiny rainbow peeking out of a cloud, with a pot of gold as the main feature element. The pot of gold was made entirely from dies in my stash, including a butterfly die (for the little feet on the pot)! Don’t the sequins look awesome as little gold coins?!

For these next two cards, I used stamps to create my own faux-background. Using different coloured inks can give a beautiful result that really looks like printed paper, but for my second card, I stuck to one darker shade of ink for a more masculine feel. To tone it down (so my critters didn’t get overwhelmed) I decided to add a layer of vellum into the design. I love that this technique gives the card lots of depth and interest!

Recently I have been doodling and playing with watercolour paints, and so I was inspired to mix both hobbies together. I love the shimmer from the pearlescent paint, and the smiley face stamped on to a basic cloud die cut is an easy way to create your own fun embellishments!

This card was for the surgeon that brought his A-Game when operating on my back! As well as using the inlaid die cutting technique for the title, I also did some masking when stamping the little dude. Believe it or not, he started off as a cute boy, but a few pen strokes later, I altered the stamp to create an image of a doctor. I think it’s really fun to look at a stamp and find new and unusual ways to use it to create something truly unique!

Yep…here’s the rest of that rainbow! :-) I love the contrast between white space, subtle die cut lines and the vibrant impact of a distress inked rainbow!

That’s it for cards, but I do have a couple of scrapbook pages to share. I enjoy using stamps to create my own embellishments, and to give journaling an extra pizazz!

Stamps are also great for building page titles like I have done on this layout below. I stamped the word ‘little’ next to my electronically cut title. I also added a little stamping to the faux-polaroid frames to give them some sweet sentiments!

So that is it! Are you still with me? Yeah, I know its a lot, but asking me to choose my favourite projects is like asking me to choose a favourite stamp set! It simply cannot be done!

To the gang at Honey Bee Stamps, thank you for considering me as a DT applicant! I hope your day will bee as sweet as honey!..

..As for the rest of you, I promised to share one of my doodles that I have recently sketched & water coloured. I finally managed to get it photographed and digitised!
Well, you know what, after all that, I think I DO need a cup of tea!

x Lesley


Hello Crafty friends!

My best mate Alexia has recently become a proud new home owner (yeay!) and of course, this called for a card! But, she also landed herself a shiny new job too, which, of course, also calls for a card! I decided that i wanted to make a one-of-a-kind, fun, double duty card – and what better way than an exploding box card!

This fun card is full of awesome critters from the SimonSaysStamp Baby Party Animal stamp set. I love it! The stamps were perfect for creating a bunch of animals and some party style accessories such as presents and balloons!

To make the card double sided, i needed to do some reverse stamping! This is a little tricky, but the more you practise, the better you get. In the video i show two different ways to achieve the reverse image of a stamp – first, using acetate and a MISTI stamp tool, and the other using a light box – but you can easily use a window as a make-shift light box if you don’t have a purpose made one. Of course, you could use a stamp that is symmetrical, but i didn’t want to be restricted on the images i used.

I love that this box folds flat enough to go into a normal envelope. Sure, there is a little bulk, but you can still send it through the post, but you might need to upgrade to a stamp for a large letter. I think that it also makes the big reveal even more special.

When Alexia opened slid the card out of the envelope she actually did a “woaaahh!!” squeal of joy! All that stamping, colouring, and cutting was totally worth it! And now she has a cute new ornament spicing up her spangly new living room!

Did you notice the cute scallop border on the box flaps? I wanted to pretty up the box a little, so the Mama Elephant All Prettied Up die set was just perfect for adding a little pizzazz to this project. And i totally loved the stitching detail so I also used some stitched border dies to add some more texture to the box. :-)

Enjoy the video! I tried to make a note of the measurements and crease lines so you can try to make one yourself if you like. I’m off to drool over the new lawn fawn release! ohh, its sooooooo pretttttttyyyyyyyy!!!!

Happy Sunday!


YouTube Welcome Video & A Foxy Girl Card

by Lesley Oman on 11 May, 2016

Hello crafty friends!

The sun in shining and Lesley is smiling!! :-D Doesn’t the world seem better when there is sunshine!? YEAH!

Did you notice that i updated my photo over there on the right! –>
In the previous photo I had short blonde hair, and as I now have long brown hair, it really didn’t look much like me! I thought it was time for an update! It was one of those things that i had been meaning to do for ages but didn’t quite get round to it! I know you guys know what i mean! One of those things that gets pushed from one list to the next!

Speaking of which, there was something else on that perpetual list that i finally managed to cross out … a YouTube channel trailer video for new visitors!
(Oh my gosh, i feel so productive all of a sudden!!)

I finally did it! Go me!! I even stepped in front of the camera! You guys see my crafty fingers all the time, but rarely get to see my mug! <3

If you are already subscribed the the HungryHeffy YT channel, (... thank you, thank you, thank you!!...) then you probably won't see it as it's usually only for new visitors, so here it is for you to enjoy! It might well be the best 90 seconds of your day! (but i'm not promising anything! :-) heehee)

It would be rude not to share a little craftiness with you guys so here’s a card i made a little while back that didn’t have a video. I don’t think i have shared it before, apart from on Instagram! Isn’t she a cutie!?

I used the partial die cutting technique to create a frame around this little foxy girl. I really must do this again as it is super fun! I like the way there is a flat bit which looks a bit like the ground, and it also leaves lots of room for the greeting. ,

I used copic markers to colour her and her furry friends. I think the foxes are so sweet. I wish i had a fox!

The word ‘Hello’ is from a die cut – and I used a little distress ink to give it a blue hue, and added a little stamping underneath! Lovely jubbly!

That’s all for now, but i also wanted to say that i am working on a Scrapbook Tour video in honour of (inter) National Scrapbook Day last weekend! so watch this space!!

Have a great day, and don’t forget the sunscreen!