Hi there,

I always loved this crayon stamp set, and i finally got my hands on it! It was a great stamp for practising my copic colouring too. The only niggle was that the message had the American spelling of COLOR. But, as always, i made it work.

In this video tutorial, not only do a make this sweet card (my daughter and i call it the Rainbow Road card, because it looks like Mario’s rainbow road going through the middle), but i also show you how i adapted the stamp so the message reads You COLOUR My World – the spelling which matches this side of the world! :-)

Enjoy the video, and please give a thumbs up if you like it.

In other news, my arms are recovering. Finally. I have more physio tomorrow, but my left arm (broken elbow) is healing nicely and i can almost straighten it the whole way. My right arm (bone edema, tennis elbow & tendonitis) is recovering slower, but i managed to get a little bit of light crafting done yesterday without too much pain. It was definitely much required – i have had to stay out of the craft room for 4 weeks, and it makes me sad to not have my craft therapy. Fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery!

I hope you have a colourful day full of rainbow roads!


Happy Retirement Build-a-scene Card {video}

by Lesley Oman on 16 November, 2015

Happy Retirement Tony!

I love to look through my stamps and find ways to mix and match images to build a bigger picture. That is exactly what i did when creating this card for Tony – a work colleague that i have known for nearly 8 years, who retired in the summer. He and his lovely wife decided to live life to the fullest- they packed up the camper van and headed to France for the summer.

I realised the other day that i hadn’t shared this video with you yet – have fun, and please do give me a thumbs up if you liked the card or subscribe to my youtube channel.

and here are some close up piccys to share with all you crafty kids.
Have a great day.


Hello everyone.

Sorry there has been a little bit of a hungryheffycrafts-hiatus, but about two weeks ago, i was on my way to the craft room, tripped and fell flat on my face. I ended up breaking my left elbow, and i have bone edema (bone bruising) on my right arm. So i have been R-E-S-T-I-N-G, which is a very boring job to be honest. It is amazing how little you can do when you are not allowed to use your arms.

So i have been binge watching crafty you tube videos, and i also signed up to Wilna Fursenbergs Art Class – I LOVED IT. I am feeling very inspired to crack out the scrapbooking supplies – at least when i get my arms back into action.

Luckily, i had a few videos that were ready to rumble, so i didn’t have to use my hands much in order to get this video onto YT, but i will confess that it is taking me a ridiculously long time to finger type this blog post! LOL
On that note…. here is the video….ENJOY!


Hello crafty friends!

This card was a lot of fun! I wanted to use some of the Lawn Fawn Monster Mash critters that i had previously stamped and coloured using some copic markers. I thought that they would be fabulous little aliens, so i needed a space themed background.

This really was one of those times when you get ink all over your fingers, but i think it was worth it! I love how it turned out.

Watch the video for the full tutorial on how to make this kind of space-age background. oh, but before you go, can i just say that i also love these Milo ABC stamps from Lawn Fawn – what great way to create a sentiment stamp that says exactly what you want it to say!