MAN-day Monday – Daddy’s Christmas Card

by Lesley Oman on 19 December, 2011

It’s the last Monday before Christmas so it’s only fitting that for todays MANday Monday I share the card which I made for my hubs from Piper. (Sorry for the iPhone photos, the cable that connects my camera to the computer is unwell at the moment, it’s been a bit cooperative for a while, so i think its finally time to buy a new one)

I love making backgrounds with distress inks, and to add a little pazzazz I stamped a flourish backgound first and heat embossed the image using white embossing powder. Then using the ink blending tool i rubbed distress ink over the top. This is sometimes called the resist technique as the embossed image resists the ink. Its pretty cool!

To make the rolling snowy hills, I cut waves into white cardstock and then added a little touch of blue ink using the tumbled glass distress ink and a blending tool. Next I smeared Rock Candy distress stickles all over the card with my fingertip and blasted it with a heat tool. I have had this rock candy stickles for ages but havent really used it a lot, but i have fallen back in love with it! It adds lurverlay texture but its not very glittery and girly – perfect for these mens card.

Mister Snowman is from a Penny Black stamp, and he is so very cute. I embossed him in black and then coloured him in with twinkling H2Os.

The star i hand cut by folding a piece of scratch paper and cutting triangles on the fold, then I used this as a template to cut the shape out of some cardstock which I had embossed and coloured using silver ink. I mounted the whole star onto silver card to make it more robust as I knew I wanted to let it overhang the edge of the card slightly.

Do you see that little North Pole? Cute, huh? Just a strip of white cardstock with some ribbon twisted around it, and sandwiched between two red chucky buttons, stuck together with glue dots.

For the greeting I pulled out my embossing pen and simply hand wrote ‘daddy’ onto some scrap pieces of cardstock and embossed the text using white embossing powder. Once again I went to town with some distress ink and a blending tool, but this time festive berries was my colour of choice.

Thanks for stopping by. x


Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations (& a winner)

by Lesley Oman on 16 December, 2011

Hey everyone, I’m back, and feeling a little more refreshed and ready for the holidays. Only 9 more days until Christmas, yipppeeeeeee!

Last week was my last Baby Sensory class <sniff>. I have enjoyed this class sooo much, and would really, really recommend it to anyone out there who has a little one. We have learnt lots of songs, had extra interaction with other babies and mommies and learnt lots of sign language. Best of all I love thinking about how much P has developed throughout the term. She can now sit upright unaided, can clap her hands, dances when music plays, can understand basic sign language and can even sign back to me. Its AmAzINg!

As i will be back at work full time next year, we wont be able to attend next terms sensory class, so i wanted to make a little something for the three class leaders to say thank you.

I spotted some wooden hearts on ebay for a great price so i bought 20. My original idea was to make one for every baby in the class, but people came and went and there was no way i could be 100% certain that i hadnt missed someone (that would be awful) – so i stuck to the three class leaders. maybe i’ll make these for Piper’s nursery teachers as well

I used my paint dabbers on the wooden heart and used my heat tool to speed up the drying process. I did two coats on each side, and didn’t bother about the edges. I quite liked the edges showing through. Next I tied a ribbon bow using a bow maker – this way you can get uniform bows which are perfect every time. I find this tool fantastic for making teeny bows that are sometimes hard to secure tightly.

I wanted to personalise the hearts so using a sharpie i wrote the leaders name onto shrink plastic, punched a hole and shrunk it using the heat tool.

Next I threaded some bakers twine through the hole, popped on the name tag and tied a knot on the end. To make sure that the bow was secure i simply added a few stitches using red thread. Simples.

Rather than just hand these over as they were, I made them into a sort of card thingy. I pulled out my corrugated red cardstock, added kraft and decorated the front with stamps and nesties.

They loved them.

Forget about the teachers, I might even make some for myself .


p.s the winner of the craft giveaway is Christina Greier. congratulations! Email me with your address —> ( lez {at} )



MAN-day Monday – Hello Mister Snowman

by Lesley Oman on 5 December, 2011

Hey guys

Sorry i’ve been kinda MIA. I really needed some time to let life catch up with me, or maybe it was me catching up with life. (thats also why i must apologise for the iPhone photo – my big camera needs to be charged at some stage when i get a moment)

Today’s MAN-day Monday takes on a Christmas theme – look at this cute little mister snowman! So its not a very manly card, but it could definitely be used for a dude.

This is a stamp from a Unity Stamps kit of the month, and he is so easy to cut out, i think i will be using him A LOT. To make the card manly, I chose to use this fabulous grid stamp from Hero Arts. This is a great stamp for backgrounds, as a lot of my other background stamps are full of girly elements like flourishes and hearts. Mixed with a little kraft and some brown ink also made the colour palate a little a more masculine. I was tempted to use glitter or rock candy distress stickles for snow, but was afraid that this would make it too girly. Mister snowman looked too isolated sitting there on his own so i added a little piece of white felt for him to sit on.

Thanks for stopping by, and tomorrow I am going to be giving away some craft supplies so be sure to come back to see me.


I’m alive!

by Lesley Oman on 12 December, 2010

{warning – looooong post!, sorry}

Hey everyone,

Just popping in to confirm that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth!

We moved house on Friday, and up until then I have been living in a world of boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. Then, of course, came the extensive cleaning session, where every inch of the house needed to be cleaned before we handed in the keys. It was a teeny bit stressful and a whole lot exhausting! I can safely say that I never want to see a pair of marigolds ever again!

Despite our best efforts, we were running a bit behind schedule on Thursday night, and it was all getting a ickle bit too much for me, so I must admit I had a little mini-pity party and a few tears may have been shed!. But thankfully our super wonderful friends M & H came to help up whip round the house and finish the cleaning. Thank you soo much you two! ♥ We got out before midnight and stayed at their’s for a good nights sleep. I swear I don’t even remember climbing into bed, I must have hit the pillow and konked out! (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

Friday morning came round fast, and the movers arrived at 8.10am, and packed two vans, working solidly until 1.20pm. Poor Miya was not impressed that she was locked in the bathroom whilst everyone else had freedom to roam in and out of the house!! How rude! What had she done to deserve this prison sentence?!

After a quick bacon sandwich and another whip round with the hoover, we said out good byes to the house that we have lived in for over 2 years. I have to admit, its a bit weird, because our friends Jer and Sar are going to be renting that house now, so it wasn’t really a goodbye for real. Its definitely going to be bizarre when we go back there and none of our stuff is there, but its full of their stuff. ♥

Miya did not enjoy the trip. She never does very well on car journeys, so as soon as we arrived, we had to do a little clean up job. Poor baby! Once again, she found herself in a prison cell, safely out of harms way. This time she didn’t do any complaining. I guess she was just relieved that she wasn’t on the way to the vets! Anything is better than being in the car in any case!

Unloading took so much longer. Probably because they guys were all tired, or maybe it just seemed longer for me because during the loading process, I was kept busy cleaning, but being pregnant meant that I wasn’t lifting any boxes out of the van, so I had the (freezing cold) job of standing outside by the vans, and directing which rooms the boxes should go into.

We were finished about 4.30ish, and as the movers drove off, we turned around to enter into OUR first house!

So Very Happy.
So very very exhausted…

But I was in auto-pilot. I started unpacking the kitchen. I am NOTHING without my food, so I knew that what ever happened, I needed to get the kitchen sorted first! Craig on the other hand….started unpacking the living room, and made the mistake (or some may say ‘sneaky decision’) of starting with the TV and the Xbox. Needless to say, he didn’t get any further than that!! HAHA!

On Friday night I was a bit concerned with how Miya would take to this new house, but she snuggled up between our legs on the bed and seemed to approve of this new place that we had bought for her to explore. ♥ yeay!

Yesterday morning, we woke up in OUR house, and got breakfast in OUR kitchen, sat on OUR sofa in OUR living room….(this really isn’t getting old for me, but I promise, i’ll stop… :-D …soon). After a short rest, we reached for the box-cutter again to unload some more boxes.

The only problem is that we are making the garage into a craft room, and it needs a little work before i’ll get all set up. This means of course that about 90% of the boxes downstairs are for the craft room and cannot be unpacked or moved really until the garage is ready. Grr! BUT, this does mean that we will be motivated to get the craft room into action as soon as possible! Yipppppeeeeeeee! ♥ I can’t wait!

In the afternoon, we decided that we simply HAD to go buy a mobile broadband connection. We ordered the internet ages ago, but they said it wouldn’t get installed until 8th Jan!!! WHAT?!?!?! Geez! Whilst walking around town, I realised how soon it is until Christmas! Argh!! I still have LOADS of presents to buy, and haven’t even bought a single Christmas card, never mind start writing any! Whooops! But after a big squishy hug from Craigy, the panic soon melted away and reality quickly set in. Even if I dont get to write any Christmas cards, even if Craig and I don’t get any presents for each other, even if we end up eating beans on toast for Christmas dinner….we will be able to sit around a twinkling Christmas tree on Christmas morning, in OUR house! We have been saving, and saving, and saving, for SOOOO LOOOOONG, this is really a dream come true! And what better Christmas present than having your own house, ready for the start of a new adventure. These next few months will be an exciting prologue to the new chapter in our lives, when little baby Oman arrives. I simply can’t wait! ♥