Hello everyone,

I know its been a little while, sorry about that. Work + 3 year old = one tired mumma – not to mention that i have been suffering from a slipped disc for the last four months, which has severely limited my crafty mojo.

But heres the good news, i have had some spinal surgery and feel brilliant now! – obviously i am in recovery mode, but it does also mean that i have been more motivated to craft, and have some projects to share. We also had a little incident with the lights in the craft room which now has been resolved thanks to our good friends Mark and Helen who installed some new ones for me. And to mark the joyous occasion of me being back on my feet, standing and crafting in a well lit craft room, i wanted this card to be the first one i share – a Christmas card for Mark and Heli.

This is also the first card i have made with my new purchase – the Joy to the Woods stamp set from Lawn Fawn. I also bought the dies, and i am LOVING these little dudes. I think i want to buy matching dies for every stamp set from now on (but I’m not sure my bank balance would exactly reach to that!).

I also cracked out the video camera to share this card in a little video!

You can watch it here, or over on YouTube, and please give the video a Thumbs Up if you enjoy it, and hit subscribe for more videos – i hope to get back into the swing of recording videos for sharing.

have a great weekend,


warm wishes chip CU1 HHC


Creating a Bokeh Background For Cards

by Lesley Oman on 6 December, 2013

Hey there,

Loving the bokeh look in photos?

I thought i would try to create something similar in a card, inspired by this beautiful card by Nichol Magouirk. Here’s the end result! I used some circle stamps with distress ink and stamped onto watercolour paper. I wanted to create a multi-tonal look so i didn’t ink the stamp every time, sometimes i used stamped it twice or three times before reinking (this is sometimes called second / third generation stamping).

To create a sparkle, I misted the whole background with some perfect pearls water mix – you can hopefully see a slight shimmer in the close up photo below.

The feathers on top are made using the silhouette and I used the same ink pads to colour them – i love how this gives a cohesive look to the project. The tip of the feather however is a silver ink pad.

I wanted to add another touch of silver so triple embossed a button and then tied the feathers together with twine. Pretty!

Have a great day!


Love Letter Ephemera Mini Book: (Facing The Giant!)

by Lesley Oman on 10 October, 2012

Ever have a project which has been lurking in your house for years? A forgotten project, once started, never finished? This was one of mine.

When I spent a year in France as part of my Uni degree Craig and I wrote letters to each other every week. I kept these all in a box along with some postcards and brochures etc from Lyon. When we moved into our previous house in 2009 I decided that i was going to make a mini book to hold all these items. I was going to make a video and I designed the whole thing and pre-cut all the papers and everything. Then I hit an issue. The video i was started was rubbish- the lighting was really bad, so much that the colours were not true and that bugged me soooooo badly. We also didn’t have a proper camera mount. Because of these things my inspiration flew out the window and hit itself in the face on the way out. I packed everything away together and then it lay in hibernation.

Fast forward. Geez, has it been three years?!

Then one day for no apparent reason, I did it!
I faced the giant and decided that it was GOING to GET MADE! I didn’t want to do a video any more, that ship had sailed, but it was silly having a half finished project staring at me all this time.

And here it is. And I LOVE IT! I like the design, (i wanted a vintage, timeless yet french inspired romantic feeling), I love the textures, I love the content, i love the story behind the project getting made and i love the fact that it is finished.

My bind it all had its work cut out for it because there were so many things to go in to the book. The final thing doesn’t even close properly but i don’t care. Because its done. and its great.

Do you have any projects which are dwelling on your mind? Go get inspired and face your own giant!


The First Mummy Month – Week 4

August 23, 2011

Hi everyone, This is the last of my layouts about my first month as a mumsy, in case you missed them, you can check out week 1, week 2 and week 3 here. Its so weird looking back at these layouts, and its crazy how much I have already forgotten, i am just so glad […]

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