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Love Letter Ephemera Mini Book: (Facing The Giant!)

by Lesley Oman on 10 October, 2012

Ever have a project which has been lurking in your house for years? A forgotten project, once started, never finished? This was one of mine.

When I spent a year in France as part of my Uni degree Craig and I wrote letters to each other every week. I kept these all in a box along with some postcards and brochures etc from Lyon. When we moved into our previous house in 2009 I decided that i was going to make a mini book to hold all these items. I was going to make a video and I designed the whole thing and pre-cut all the papers and everything. Then I hit an issue. The video i was started was rubbish- the lighting was really bad, so much that the colours were not true and that bugged me soooooo badly. We also didn’t have a proper camera mount. Because of these things my inspiration flew out the window and hit itself in the face on the way out. I packed everything away together and then it lay in hibernation.

Fast forward. Geez, has it been three years?!

Then one day for no apparent reason, I did it!
I faced the giant and decided that it was GOING to GET MADE! I didn’t want to do a video any more, that ship had sailed, but it was silly having a half finished project staring at me all this time.

And here it is. And I LOVE IT! I like the design, (i wanted a vintage, timeless yet french inspired romantic feeling), I love the textures, I love the content, i love the story behind the project getting made and i love the fact that it is finished.

My bind it all had its work cut out for it because there were so many things to go in to the book. The final thing doesn’t even close properly but i don’t care. Because its done. and its great.

Do you have any projects which are dwelling on your mind? Go get inspired and face your own giant!


MAN-day Monday – Hello Mister Snowman

by Lesley Oman on 5 December, 2011

Hey guys

Sorry i’ve been kinda MIA. I really needed some time to let life catch up with me, or maybe it was me catching up with life. (thats also why i must apologise for the iPhone photo – my big camera needs to be charged at some stage when i get a moment)

Today’s MAN-day Monday takes on a Christmas theme – look at this cute little mister snowman! So its not a very manly card, but it could definitely be used for a dude.

This is a stamp from a Unity Stamps kit of the month, and he is so easy to cut out, i think i will be using him A LOT. To make the card manly, I chose to use this fabulous grid stamp from Hero Arts. This is a great stamp for backgrounds, as a lot of my other background stamps are full of girly elements like flourishes and hearts. Mixed with a little kraft and some brown ink also made the colour palate a little a more masculine. I was tempted to use glitter or rock candy distress stickles for snow, but was afraid that this would make it too girly. Mister snowman looked too isolated sitting there on his own so i added a little piece of white felt for him to sit on.

Thanks for stopping by, and tomorrow I am going to be giving away some craft supplies so be sure to come back to see me.


Fathers’ Day Card For Granda

by Lesley Oman on 28 June, 2011

HI there,

I didn’t want to post this until Granda O had definitely received it, so apologies that its a little ‘after the fact’. Nevertheless, this design could be used for a Man Card for any occasion I guess. Plus, its never too early to start crafting for next years Fathers’ Day! :-)

Sooooo…a pack of toothpicks just happened to make its way into the craft room. And everything in the craft room is fair game in my eyes! Hey Presto – a card featuring these little flags…made from my favourite – SCRAPS!

Please don’t throw away all those lovely pieces of pattern paper which are barely bigger than an inch. Just think small and discover ways in which you can give new life to them on a card such as this.

I’ve made a video about another card I have put together using scraps of paper, so i’ll be sharing this with you soon.

Until then, enjoy the 72 degree sunshine or the thunder & lightening – whichever happens to be blessing your area right now. Some of us lucky people have both within 24 hours!

{p.s. – the Granda stamp is from the Relatives stamp set by Dovecraft – a really useful little stamp set!}

{p.p.s. – one of our winners, Nicola Joliffe, you still haven’t sent me your address. If you’re out there, drop me an email at lez(at)hungryheffycrafts.com}


Another Mothers Day Card for Granny

by Lesley Oman on 7 April, 2011

Wooooo. Last night was the first rough night we’ve had with Piper..lets just say all three of us didn’t get much sleep. But it turned out okay because I was lucky to have Craig home with me today. It was good because I didn’t feel like I was going it alone throughout the day, but it was also exhausting because we had made plans for the day, so it meant we were rather out of routine for the whole day.

It felt so wonderful to show her off to friends and work colleagues today. All the compliments and coos just fill us with pride, so much so that we positively glow with delight. However… although my sweet darling is sleeping at the moment, I have a horrible feeling deep in my gut that I may be awake all night again.

But isn’t this one of the delights of parenthood? I keep telling myself that there will be days like this, but for every sleepless night there will be a multitude of wonderful moments shared with the little one, so precious that it makes it all worth while.

Every day I try to set myself little goals. Just little ones. Yesterday my goal was to print a document, to have a shower and be able to blow dry my hair, and to hoover the corridor. I never got to hoover, but to be honest i think that was more due to laziness rather than time constraints. lol.

Tomorrow I want to do a little crafting. Not much, maybe just half an hour? Twenty minutes? I’ve even brought a few bits and pieces into the dining room so that I can seize the moment (should it arrive!).

But for now, this is one of the other Mums day cards that I managed to quickly put together for Granny Oman last week…from Piper of course!