MAN-day Monday – Alfie’s mini canvas

by Lesley Oman on 20 February, 2012

Hi everyone, it’s time for another MAN-day Monday, and today it’s a home decor item for all those little princes out there.

I made this little canvas hanging for little Alfie. He is at Piper’s nursery and is usually there in the same room when I collect P in the evenings. He is always hanging around P, playing with her or watching her from a distance. He even comes up to me with toys so I play with him or read him a book for a few minutes whilst the team get Piper’s day sheet organised. He is a sweetheart, and because of that I always say that he is Piper’s boyfriend.

You can pick up these mini canvases at some art shops- these ones I got in France yeaaars ago.

To decorate the canvas, first I cut a heart out of red scrapbook paper. Next I stamped the Friend Definition stamp from Hero Arts onto white card stock using the grey Pumice Stone distress ink. I stuck the heart to the stamped card and cut around it, leaving a border. I used wet glue to stick the paper together- Anita’s tacky glue, as I wanted to ensure that it had a firm hold and that it would withstand time. Next I popped a brad through the two layers, and stuck the whole thing onto the canvas.

The next bit was the tough bit- choosing which letter stickers to use. I decided to go with these doodlebug ones as they had a childlike, whimsical feel.

I thought about adding twine, but ribbon would secure better- i lay the canvas face down and placed the ribbon on top, securing to the back of the canvas with staples. I had to hammer the staples in a little bit (I didn’t have a staple gun, just an office stapler) but they were 100% secure.

Why not make a cute little wall hanging for your little princes and princesses!!?

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Flag Ribbon Bunting – Another Nursery decoration idea

by Lesley Oman on 19 October, 2011

It took about 5 minutes, but looks so darn cute hanging on her wall. All you need is some string, a stapler (i used Tim Holtz tiny attacher for that added cuteness effect) and some ribbon. Oh, and I put a button on either end, but thats not a necessary part.

Thank goodness I had Miya to help me pull the string out of the box. Not sure I could have managed on my own!! :-)

I measured the ribbon into a variety of lengths so that the finished piece was a bit quirky, but i did measure 7 cm of string between each ribbon. I stuck a little piece of double sided tape on the ribbon, folded it over upon itself, trapping the string inside, and then secured it in place with one tiny staple from the tiny attacher. Then I used my scissors to cut a triangle from the bottom of the ribbon to create the flag arrow-point look. An easy way of doing this is to fold the ribbon in half lengthways and then snip from the fold out to the edge in a diagonal snip. This way your arrowhead will be even on both sides.

I am sure that when Miya saunters into Piper’s room she looks up at the bunting and smugly thinks to herself, ‘I helped make that!!’.


Two cards and a Typewriter

by Lesley Oman on 13 July, 2011

On Sunday I decided to take Piper out of the house whilst Craig was watching the Formula 1 on TV so we went to a local Country Market because they had a car boot sale. BUT, by the time we got there, everyone had packed up and was leaving. However I spotted a sign that said that they also have a car boot sale on Wednesdays.

For no reason at all, I decided that P and I would go today. Just because. {i am so glad i did}


Typewriter goodness

I’ve been drooling over typewriters for a little while, but online they are quite expensive. This little beauty… four pounds! Woooohooo! FOUR POUNDS! You would pay that for a cuppa coffee and a bikky. It came complete with a manual and everything. I cant wait to use it for journaling on my layouts.

my heart is happy! ♥

I also thought i would share these two cards with you. I dont think i’ve shared them yet, but honestly cant remember. Sweet and simple.



A Bath to Remember Scrapbook Layout

May 25, 2011

Finally a scrapbook layout! I love making layouts, but the truth is that i am incredibly s-l-o-w at making them! ….and as a result it takes me about a week to complete them, stealing a few minutes here and there. SO every now and again I swing towards making cards and other crafty projects which […]

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