When the Great British Sewing Bee started showing again in the Springtime, i was so excited – i love that program! I hardly watch TV at all, but this is always a MUST! And as always, it can be so inspiring! It wasn’t long before my trusty machine came out for a little play!

I picked up some super cute apple print fabric a while back, and so i decided i wanted to use this for the dress – along with some grey fabric. (Don’t tell anyone, but the grey fabric is actually offcuts from our bedroom curtains….sshhhh!)

As I am an idiot and have never followed a pattern before, i decided to wing it. I drew around one of piper’s tops to get a rough guide for the size of a 3 year old torso.  Here’s the first stage of the project-  can you see i lined the inside with plain red fabric?

I hadn’t ever really tried pleating, so i though, what the heck- lets give this a go! It was lots of fun! For the back i put in a white zip- i was so in love with the project i had to hand sew the zip – i wasn’t prepared to chance a whoopsie at that stage – but i made sure it fit into a pleat so when it is zipped you cannot see the white zip at all!

I wanted to line the skirt with red and give it a little peek-a-boo tulle lining, but i didn’t have enough red fabric. Instead i cut a long length of red fabric about 3.5inches wide, sewed some tulle to it, and the stitched it to the underneath of the dress. Once again for this bit i actually hand sewed it – the grey fabric would show every pin hole otherwise.

Here it is! the final piece – i even put together a little headband made from scraps. One thing i am particularly pleased about is the top stitching on the apple print section – it makes the dress so pretty and keeps all the pieces in shape.  Happy Mummy!

The best thing about this dress?….the best thing EVER is that Piper wore it for her Birthday Photo shoot, by the enormously talented Elizabeth Boyle. Boy do i love her work! There were so many photos to choose from but here are a few of my favs! Take a look!




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Just look at my little Sweet Princess! That cheeky little face just makes me smile from ear to ear.

Just after Mothers’ Day I went for a trip to Ikea and spent waaay to much money in the fabric department, and to be honest, i haven’t used the fabric as much as i would have liked. When i was there my little brain was in inspiration-overtime but crafty time is limited so i haven’t been as motivated to start long projects which will take several nights/ weeks to finish.

I had an idea for a dress for Piper, but before I wanted to make that particular dress (which is going to be awesome by the way!) I thought i would throw together a simple dress first, just to see how i would get on. This way i could learn about the tricky parts, and the challenges before i start into the real, super cool, i-cant-wait-to-see-it dress project.

I used one of pipers current dresses as a guide. I simply laid it down onto a roll of paper and drew around each of the sections: the front bodice, back bodice, front skirt, back skirt, and shoulder straps; and then I added about 1cm to allow for seams and cut out the paper templates. Next I cut the various pieces of fabric using my rotary cutter, then got sewing.

I had lot of fun on this project, and learnt A LOT! – Which bits to do first, the importance of marking each piece clearly, which were the tricky bits, the best stitch to use for different sections and i even learnt that its best to keep cats out of the sewing room because they sit on EVERYthing. Every piece of fabric i reached for had either a big pile of cat hairs or simply a big bundle of cat on there! Bless my little fur baby!

This is what the dress looked like before the final touches. {Now, don’t be distracted by all the crafty products in the back ground! :-) lol}

I made a few roll up flowers for the front- you can probably see the pins holding them in place. I actually only added one in the end (the biggest one), and i added star buttons to the straps which you can probably see from the photos at the top.  I also used some bias around the bottom edge to finish the seam. I love that it gives a punch of colour for the bottom edge.

I’m so very happy with the finished product, and now i can’t wait to get started on the super cool ‘real’ project. :-)

Okay, Okay, just one more photo to melt your hearts….oh, there she is! ♥♥


Handmade Fabric Birthday Party Hat (Photo Prop)

by Lesley Oman on 1 March, 2012

The plans are in place. Well… almost in place. :-)

Last week we decided it was about time to start planning Piper’s first birthday. It started with having a few friends over to the house, then we talked about a soft play adventure, and now there is another plan on the cards. We will make our minds up eventually.

One thing i knew for sure was that i wanted to make Pi a party hat. I spied this fabulous hat on pinterest, isn’t it beautiful!? It inspired me to pull out the fabric and get crafty! {Click on the photo to visit the etsy page where there are other lovely things to drool over!}

After a few chewed pencils and a little bit of sketching i set to work. Once I started I was on a roll, it only took two short evenings from start to finish.

So…What do ya think?

So, as usual, i was making it up as i went along :-) To begin i drew a semicircle onto a piece of paper, curled it to make a cone and trimmed it a little. I drew around the template to cut out a piece of interfacing to use as the base of the hat to make it sturdy. Then i stuck the interfacing to fabric using spray adhesive. This held the fabric in place to allow me to cut it out and sew around the edges. {note to self: this worked really well. Definitely will be doing that again}

For the pretty felt panel I used spray mount to stick felt to paper then ran this through the cuttlebug using a die to cut out the shape. This was really easy. It didn’t cut the whole way around but a few snips of the scissors and it was fine. I used a zig-zag stitch to sew the edges to create definition and to ensure it wouldn’t fluff away/fray. I did the same with the number one (hand cut).

To make the trim i cut strips of green polka fabric and used the machine to make a long straight stitch up the middle, then pulled the thread to ruche the fabric. It was looking a bit bare so i added some tulle (everything looks prettier with tulle!). I had to hand sew the ruche on because i had already sewn the hat into a cone shape. Next time i’ll definitely wait and do everything on the machine first! (sewing through all they fabric and the interfacing was a MISSION!).

For the top i looked in my stash for pom poms but i think that must be the one thing i haven’t got, but i salvaged some of that green fabric and made a little fabric poof pom pom by gathering circles together. To finish, I added a little cord for Piper’s chin but in hind sight i think i might replace it with light elastic.

We took some photos of the princess in her hat to use on the party invites. She looked adorable, but the hat kept slipping, so elastic is definitely the way to go. I’ll share the party invites soon.

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Camera Linds Giveaway

January 11, 2012

  You may remember this time last year I was significantly rounder (with a big, beautiful, belly full o’ baby), and one of my dear friends, Lindsey, took some gorgeous photos of me and my bump. I was blown away by the finished photos, her work is amazing! I can’t tell you how happy I […]

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