MYM- Time For Tea?

by Lesley Oman on 9 August, 2010

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When Sarah had her first, my adorable little Godson Randolph, her Mum came to stay for a while. My memory of ‘Grammy’s” stay with us will always be focused on fruit teas. Being in Britain, of course cups of tea are served on a highly regular basis, but Grammy preferred a variety of non-caffeine teas. We all got hooked in the end, even Craig, and now when we reach for a packet of Twinnings Starwberry and Mango tea, it’s Grammy we think of.

So today’s Miss You Monday is for Sarah, but is inspired by her Mom. and although it isn’t technically a card like most (if not all) of my previous MYM posts, it still counts I reckon! After all, when inspiration hits you, you just have to go with the flow.

So here is my Miss You Monday project for today: a little book full of a variety of fruit teas so the girls will always be able to have a cuppa no matter what they fancy.

If anyone wants a tutorial, let me know and i’ll put one together for you in the future.

Video Tutorial is now available here —

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Miss You Monday – Scooter Side Step Card

by Lesley Oman on 12 July, 2010

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Hey everyone! It’s Miss You Monday time! And great news, I had a message from Sarah this week, and the end is in sight so we are all very excited that baby will be here soon ( she is due early September). Although Sarah is still very ill, her spirits seem to have picked up a little, which is great! Yeay!

I had lots of fun with this card – can’t you tell?

This quirky little card takes a little bit of mathematics to start with, but once the measurements bit has been done, and the creases are in place, its simply a case of decorating the panels. Apparently, this is called a Side Step card (I don’t know who comes up with these names!?)

I always loved this scooter stamp, but hadn’t gotten round to using it on a card yet. so I thought i’d give it a whirl. One thing I particularly love is that the pieces are really easy to cut out, so as I stamped the image on different paper, it was really easy peasy to cut out the different panels and re-assemble. I am loving the finished design.

The papers are from the ‘Quite Contrary’ line from My Minds Eye’. A 6×6 stack came free with a card making magazine, and knowing the fantastic quality of MME products and the fact that i’ve always been drawn to their designs, it was a no-brainer when I saw the magazine. I can’t wait to use some more of the pages to make a little mini book or two.

Lets talk chipboard! I’ve used two chipboard pieces, (from The Paper Mill shop I believe) one of which i have covered with pink pearlescent embossing powder, and the other I sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer spray. This gives one a pearl glassy sheen, and the other a flatter, pearlescent look. The brad in the middle is a fabric brad from Trimcraft, I believe its the Laura Ashley range.

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Making My Own Origami Advent Calendar

by Lesley Oman on 7 December, 2009

Last week on December 1st, I realised that I didn’t have an Advent Calendar! I’m sure that this is practically sacreligious, or at the very least is against tradition in our house. Georgie was kind enough to bring me to tesco on our lunch break, but alas, all advent calendars were sold. Next stop was co-op, but to our dismay, all sold out. Then we trekked to another shop but by this stage we were very hungry and had lost all hope in the shops of Guildford. But I had faith in my creativity, and knew that I would be able to come up with some way of making an advent calendar for myself. And, I did. And I am going to share it with you now.

This is quite a simple paper-folding technique to make little pouches, inside which I am placing a single ferrero rocher chocolate. YUMMY! These would also make cool table decorations and perhaps even nice wedding or party favors.

All you need is some 6×6 paper and a stapler. you could cut down scrapbook paper to size, but I used a pack of Dovecraft 6×6 pattern paper which is really cost efficient as you get 48 sheets in a pack for only £3.99.

So let’s get started. I’ll walk you through step by step and remember that if any point I don’t make sense or you are having difficulty understanding, please leave a comment or email me so I can clarify.

To start, take a piece of 6×6 pattern paper and place White side up.

Fold bottom corner up as of to fold diagonally but instead of folding in half, fold it short by about an inch.

Run your fingernail along folded edge to make sure it’s nice & creased. Then open back up.

Rotate the paper 90 degrees and repeat this fold.

Do this same fold for all 4 corners. When you have done this, you will now have 4 creases, and they will cross over to form an X with a square in the centre.

Now to make the sides so they can fold in neatly. For this you will need to pick a corner and fold the tip in half so the pattern is on the inside.

As you pinch the top, the bottom bit will fold into a triangle shape. Pinch to crease these lines into the paper.

Repeat on the opposite side. Your paper will now look like this.

If you look at your project, each side of the square of paper has a triangle creased into it. Pick a side and find the two creases that make a triange, and fold so that they touch. Crease with your fingernail from the corner of the inner square, out to the edge of the paper. Use the photo as a guide.

Unfold and turn 90 degrees then repeat until all 4 sides have been done.

Woohoo. We have made all the creases, we just need to fold it all up. Place a choccy on the paper within the creased square.

Fold up the bottom corner, and then fold in the left and the right side, lining up the tips so they hide behind the first flap you folded up.

Then fold up the last flap to meet the top and pinch tightly to hold all the flaps in half whilst you reach for your stapler.

To finish, fold over all the flaps and put a staple through all layers to secure in place.

Hope that all made sense. (Life will hopefully be easier when I have a video camera).

So for my advent calendar, I made 25 of these little beauties and finished them off by sticking numbers on the bottom.

So there you have it, my advent calendar. Each little pyramid, filled with heavenly chocolate, lies lined up along my dresser, and each day i get to unravel one, after I find the right one of course. Have fun playing with this technique and don’t forget to leave me a comment here.


December Daily Pages 11 – 20

by Lesley Oman on 5 December, 2009

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Hello again. Happy Saturday.

Are you ready to see another ten pages of my December Daily Album? I hope so, and what better than to start off with a quirky page – for the eleventh day of December.

Page 11.
This technique is really fun, and can be incorporated into cards as well as mini books in pages such as this. Best of all it is really easy, but looks quite complicated. Here’s how to do it. First I took a piece of pattern paper 4 x 6 inches, and cut it into thirds so i had three pieces of 2×4 paper. These make the tags, and I have rounded the corners of mine with the corner chomper to make them look more tag-shaped. Next take a piece of paper which is 6×6, and cut into three strips of 2×6, and fold each in half along the long edge (i.e crease at 1 inch along the short edge). These will be your binding strips. Lay two side by side to create a W shape, and lay these inside the third piece- this will look like a ‘W’ sitting inside a ‘V’. Put sticky tape along the short inner edge of each tag and place them between the first set of binding strips, the second and the third, making sure to stagger them for maximum impact. I hope that makes sense, if not i’ll do a video tutorial (if Santa is kind enough to bring me what was on my Christmas list!).

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Page 12.
This was the last page that made it into the book. It started life as a 8×8 scrapbook page protector. I didn’t want it quite so wide, so i sewed along the vertical edge at 6 inches, and trimmed to size. I’ve seen both Ali Edwards and Noell Hyman use page protectors in their December Daily albums and I think it looks really awesome, so i had to have a go.

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Page 13.
This page was to use up some scraps. I had a piece of 6×6 striped paper, so I folded this in half and wrapped it around a piece of music paper matted on green cardstock. Once again I only glued along the edges so I can use this as a pocket for tags or photos. The embellishment is a die cut paper flower with a prima blossom on top, and a metal brad from Trimcraft. The number 13 is those darling Making memories shimmer alphas again. YUM

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Page 14.
This page was made out of the pure longing for more scallops. Ooooh i love those scallops. I drew around a piece of scalloped cardstock, cut with scissors and folded in half. Another great way to use scraps. With this one i didn’t stick along the top two scallops on the right hand side so if i really want I have got a little secret pocket here to play with. I have no idea what the label sticker is but the number 14 is American crafts felt thickers.

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Page 15.
This is another page that was inspired by a mini book kit. I had a mini book kit in the drawer that was a cool flourished label shape. I traced around it and folded it in half. I thought for a moment that this page is too tall compared to all the rest, but i loved the shape so much that I just couldn’t cut it down. I’ve learned to live with that one tall page – dare to be different mister page 15! Dunno who makes the labels, but if you know please leave me a comment cos i think that they are beautiful, and yet again the number 15 is from a piece of lace paper spritzed with glimmer mist.

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Page 16.
I love this page too, and the pure simplicity of it. This is folded in a way which is sometimes called ‘matchbook’ style. Take a 12 x 6 strip and crease along 1.5 inches and fold in. Next take the other end and fold towards the centre, but you need to overlap the narrow fold by 3-4 millimeters. Next you staple shut the narrow flap, but not too close to the edge. This way you can fold over the left hand side flap and secure it in place by tucking the edge under the right hand flap. To embellish i’ve used a journaling spot, a prima flower and a button, with the number 16 made out of Making Memories Chunky alpha stickers.

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Page 17.
I wanted to make some more 7×5 pages to give the book a bit of height, so I cut a piece of 7×10 paper and folded in half. I stuck the number 17 on a metal rimmed tag and hung this from two eyelets at the top of the page using string. It kinda reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament.

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Page 18.
Another page for using scraps. A piece of 12 x 3 paper wrapped around a square of 6×6 cardstock to make two pockets, one in the front and one on the back. I’ve used a piece of scalloped border sticker to trim the bottom edge of the pocket to add interest, and used the circles on the patterned paper to frame my number 18, which are also Making Memories Chunky alpha stickers

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Page 19.
I can’t really take any credit for this page as it was found in my stash and i loved the glittery sparkly snowflakes. All i did was chomp the corners and add the number 19 using Making Memories shimmer stickers.

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Page 20
Woah, last one for today. And another smaller page (Can you tell i was starting to run out of paper? LOL) This is the smallest of all pages in 4×4. I simply chomped the corners and stuck on a vertical strip of dotty paper. Then I mounted a tag onto green cardstock and add the ribbon, button and those fab cork stickers from Making memories.

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So thats pages 11 – 20 and I cannot wait to show you the remainder of the album, especially page 25 as it is extra EXTRA special. So remember to come back tomorrow to see it. Oh, and on Monday I’m gonna show you an origami fold for making your own makeshift advent calendar. See you soon and thanks for looking.