Whats this? A mid week post?! goodness me – there must be a disturbance in the force!
Nah, no disturbance, just some extra cards to share this week. :-)

For the last few weeks i have been playing with my watercolours and practising my hand lettering lettering, using both brushes and pens. I have found some awesome challenges on Instagram which are really inspiring, and help keep the motivation up. If you want to check it out, you can see my feed over at my Instagram page.
I can say that i am now feeling a lot more confident about my hand lettering – and i am really enjoying the journey.

I decided to merge my card making passion with a little hand lettering in this valentine’s card. It’s not really a particularly difficult card, but it gives such a lovely soft result in the end, so i wanted to share it with you. The best part about watercolours is that you don’t need expensive paints to get a lovely result (although i admit that splashing on a little watercolour cardstock will yield the best rewards!

Here’s the video… enjoy… and i might just have another video or two to share before the week is out!


Lucky Bunny Valentine’s Card – Video

by Lesley Oman on 7 February, 2016

Hello everyone!

V- day is just around the corner, and i have been on a craft overdrive this week, making lots of Valentine’s cards to bring into Craig’s work – so i will have extra videos to share with you guys this week! yeay!

This is a card that i made for my friend Roy to give to his other half– i wanted something that wasn’t too moochy, or very pink!

I made So many whoopsies when making this card – but, like with most things in life, it all worked out in the end! Be sure to watch the video to see how i manage to deal with the mistakes and make them work.

As for me, I am counting down the days until Thursday, when my mummsy and gang come to visit us! There will be 8 of us under one roof – it sure is going to be cosy! but I can’t wait!

Happy crafting, my creative chums!


Moon & Back Valentine’s Card – Spinner Card Video

by Lesley Oman on 31 January, 2016

Hello everyone!

Here is a card that is perfect for the space cadet in your life! – A cute, fun, interactive spinner card, made using a 10p coin and shrink plastic (thats right, i am bringing back shrinkidinks!!) :-)

I haven’t made a spinner card in ages! i guess it was just serendipitous that someone had left a 10p in their jeans, that fell out on the way to the laundry and rolled under my crafting table, which i then picked up and set beside my craft mat. Inspiration can come from the funniest of places, huh?

For the background i used distress ink in Chipped sapphire, wilted violet and black soot – in a similar way to when i made my ‘Outta this World‘ card a few months back.

Here’s the video….enjoy!

In other news, i am IN LOVE with a new craft. Well, new to me…kinda. Brush Lettering! There are loads of stamps out there that mimic this style, but i have been following some brush letter artists on instagram and have been inspired to give it a go myself. It takes time to get the hang of the brush tip – so different from calligraphy in some ways, but in other ways, it is kinda similar.

Here’s a little sample of something i did last week. Made using Artquest Stargazers watercolours (jewel set), and a water brush on some watercolour paper pad.


Hello everyone,

Everyone loves watercoloring, right? Well, when i got my Kuretake gansai tambi set, i couldn’t wait to play with them, and just around that time our friend Cat from work, was moving on to pastures new.

As is tradition, i made a special HungryHeffyCrafts card to mark the occasion! However, this one is a little different.

Cat is most definitely a self-proclaimed cat lady, and of course this card must feature a kitty! I didn’t really have any kitty stamp that had a big impact, so I decided to just throw caution to the wind and doodle something myself.

I got carried away by my own creativity, and a sketch turned into an inked drawing, which i then water coloured. But i also created a unique background using inks and a dip ink pen. It was really fun! and i like that this card is completely unique. Just like some crazy cat lady friends :–)

Here’s the video – i admit it is different from my usual stampy, inky creations but i hope you will like it anyways.