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Basque Card – Complete with template

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We all know at least one and we all roll our eyes at them, as we shake our heads behind a secret smile. But it is true – some girls are just addicted to the fineries that accompany the luxury of being a girl. The scent of perfume, the excitement of pretty shoes, the thrill of a new handbag, the feel good factor of possessing more make-up than you can possibly carry in a wheelbarrow. There are many different types of girls, but out of them all, the glamour girl is the most luxurious. After all, it’s all part of the ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ that is often talked about. When making a card with a particular person in mind as the recipient, i always try to incorporate that individual’s personality in the overall design of the card, and when i think glamour girl, i think glitter. It is an obvious choice but it is always useful to keep in mind that glitter can be a bit similar to marmite – there are those who love it, and those who hate it! This love/hate relationship can cause a personal dilemma when you are faced with the task of making the perfect card for someone special. When i sat down to make was a card for my sister’s birthday, i tried to think about which side of this love/hate relationship she would be on – did she possess any glittery clothing? Did i ever see her wearing glittery makeup? But then i remembered one cold and frosty morning prior to Christmas, my dearest sister collected a handful of post and started opening handfuls of envelopes to reveal an abundance Christmas cards. As she ripped apart one big red envelope in haste, suddenly we were faced with an explosion of silver dust, covering us both from head to toe. It went everywhere – in our hair, under our fingernails and, several washes later, still remained lodged in the fabric of her new black top. She was not impressed. So i decided to steer clear of glitter, however i still wanted a card worthy of the diva that she is!  Voilà, the perfect solution – the basque card.
This card is really simple to make, especially if you use the bustier template like the one that i have made for you guys. The finished effect is beautiful – a real elegant and sleek card with a sexy edge! To make this card even more sophisticated i used an embossed pearlescent paper, vellum, some pearl trimmings and a silver gem to add a touch of bling – i’m sure you’ll agree the finished effect is stunning… even without glitter! Why don’t you give it a try? Download the basque template here and basque template complete with neck here

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  • Hungryheffy February 11, 2009, 5:01 pm

    The template files were not working for a period but this has been fixed now. Sorry guys!

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