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Halloween Cards

Just a quick addition today with a small sample of cards that i made just for fun.  People don’t usually make Halloween cards, at least not over here in the UK, but i just think ‘why not?’. Its a fun event, and inspiration is easy to come by, as the shops are all full of costumes, props and decorations.  Even if you don’t send these cards to people in the usual way, why not keep some and use them as a way to decorate your home for those few spooky days around Halloween every year.

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For this first card i wanted a quirky look so i have used a lot of deliberate angles as a design feature. The focal feature, the witches feet is wonky to give a crooked effect, and i have used a dry stipple brush to apply some ink to add a more grungy feel. In my stash i found this green paper which came in a pack, and in all honsesty did not think i would ever use it, but it was perfect for adding an eerie mystical feel to the card. A unique design feature is the fact that i have matted the green paper but instead of trimming along the bottom edge, i used a bone folder to crease this so that there was a flap that folded up. This adds an interactive element to the card which i always love, but it also has a more practical use as it means that i could hide a little message beneath the flap. The bat on a wire was a last minute addition which i think works great, as it gives an added dimension to the card, and it is a little surprise to whoever takes the card out of the envelope.

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This card was inspired from a photo which i found in a magazine where there were a selection of pumpkins sitting on a porch, and there was a spooky, foggy scene in the background. I cut an aperture around the pumpkins and as you can see the inside of the card is a deep purple colour. I just doodled a little with some black pigment marker pens to create a silhouette scene, and when this card is open, the pumpkins create a fantastic shadow effect on the purple inlay which adds to the effect. Once again i have stamped the title onto white card for a great contrast against the green background, and cut this out using irregular angles for a spooky, eerie feel.  

I hope you like my Halloween cards, and perhaps you will give it a try because i love this holiday – unfortunately for me, it’s all over now for another year.

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