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'I Am A Dreamer' Scrapbook Page

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I made this scrapbook layout for a challenge that required participants to use pink and orange together, along with incorporating fabric into your design. In honestly this was something new for me, as I don’t think I had ever used pink and orange together before. The colour scheme reminded me of those gastly 60s home decor large print curtains that make you squirm with disgust. The fact that I was so repelled by the color combination made me want to participate even more, as I think it is healthy to push my creative limits. And in fact, I really like the end result.

The process
After pulling out all my pinks and orange patterned papers, I spotted the green argyll print paper from Imaginisce which had both pink diamonds and orange stripes throughout and I decided to use this as the starting point for the layout. As this paper was quite intense in colour, I thought that it would be best to use a white background to compliment the strong bold colours of pink, orange and green, as too much colour would be too overwhelming.

Picking Photos
With a colour theme in mind, I needed to chose a subject for my layout, and to further challenge myself, I wanted to focus on someone who I rarely scrapbook about…me! I’m not sure if it is because I don’t have many photos of me (because I’m usually the one holding the camera) or if it is because it is more difficult to self reflect and expose the thoughts you have about yourself. Either way, my friend Sarah had borrowed me for a photo shoot one day, and I had a selection of professional quality photos that really exposed my true nature as a dreamer – hence, were begging to be scrapped. Subject…check! Colour scheme… check! Next stop – design.

Word Collage
Before long I had assembled the top half of the layout, incorporating some fabric, some word tags by K & Co, some stitching effect rub ons, and the ever essential elements, some ribbon and brads. Suddenly the bottom half seemed empty and bare, but I didn’t want to cover it completely with patterned paper, but I needed something to make my layout look less ‘top-heavy’. So I had the idea of creating a word collage using rub ons and stickers – words that described me, or to which I felt connected.  Add a little bit of hidden journaling and my masterpiece was complete. I hope you like it!

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