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ICHF Trip to Birmingham – Hobbycrafts Heaven

Hey bloggers, just a short and sweet note to say that I am currently packing my tote, and preparing for my long awaited trip to the ICHF Hobbycrafts Craft exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham tomorrow. I have raided the piggy bank and am just about to attempt to fight the excitement in order to get to sleep soon, as my alarm is set for 4.45am. Walking to the station and then taking the train to Birmingham isn’t my ideal way to start the day but it will all be worth it I’m sure. I’m taking my camera so hopefully i’ll have some cool pics to share with you all soon.

Are you going to be at the Hobbycrafts exhibition tomorrow (Saturday 14th March)? If so, I hope to see you there.

I hope I don’t spend too much….

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