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Top Five Finds at the NEC – Mini Misters

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This was definitely a product I was keeping my eyes open for as I visited every stall. What are Mini Misters, I hear you ask? Well, simply put, these are skinny little vessels that have a pump feature. This means that you can fill it with a liquid then spray it unto a medium of your choice.

So why pay money for a mini mister when you can buy spray bottles in most discount stores? But these aren’t just any spray bottle, the nozzle is very fine which means that the spray from the bottle creates more of a mist (hence the name mini misters!) This feature gives the user a lot more control over where to spray and it’s easy peasy to get an even coverage if that is the look you are going for. Another great feature is that they are compact and easily stored, which means that instead of having one spray bottle that you have to keep rinsing out every time you wish to fill it with a different colour of ink mixture, you can easily and affordably have a mini mister for each colour. And whats more, there is a really cool organiser available for them too!

I hope to do another review of mini misters in the near future to explain different ways they can be used, and what type of liquids you can put inside them to get great artistic effects. Until then, check out Tim Holtz’s video demo review where he shows you how he likes to use these little beauties!

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