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More uses for your Mini Misters

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As promised I want to share with you some more ways to use the Mini Misters brought to the crafting world by Ranger. If you missed it, check out the first installment of this Mini Mister review where I talk you through the many marvelous uses of a Mini Mister bottle filled with plain old water.

So what other uses do these little guys have? Easy peasy – leave one empty! Don’t worry, I haven’t gone barmy (well no more than usual). A nice artsy effect can be achieved by dropping splodges of ink onto glossy cardstock and using an empty mini mister to spray air over the ink drop to blow the ink out and create interesting effects.

Or, fill a mini mister with cheap household bleach and spray over dark coloured cardstock. The spray of bleach will lighten the colour of the cardstock which gives a really cool effect, especially on black or navy blue card. Just remember to label this bottle carefully and keep out of reach of children.

la piece de la resistance
Even if you never use Mini Misters for anything else, promise me you will try this technique!! Have you ever heard of Glimmer mists from tattered angels, or Maya mists from Maya Road? If you haven’t you really need to check out some of the beautiful pieces of work using these great products. In a nutshell, these are bottles of inky liquid, some of which have a pearlescent quality which leaves a beautiful shimmer on your project. I was hunting for these a little while ago, but then I discovered that I could technically make my own using Mini Misters! I’m not going to walk you through this technique now because Ink Master extraordinaire Tim Holtz has already put together a video to walk us through the details, but seriously it couldn’t be easier. I’ve pasted the video here for your convenience, but check out the other video demos on Tim’s page for more inspiration with ink.

Once you’ve tried this technique, you will probably fall in love with Mini Misters just as much as I have, and you may even find more uses for them. Tomorrow I am going to post a finished layout that I have made which was inspired by the technique explained in Tim’s video, so please come back to check it out.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found this review useful. Leave a comment.

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