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Two cards today- An Anniversary Card & A New Home

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Two more cards today to share, cards which were designed for Bisous, using their fantablous collections of paper. I had so much fun playing with their products, they are great quality, and the designs set the creative juices flowing. So if you haven’t spied any Bisous products yet, head on over to their website and check out them out – make sure to keep your eye out for yours truly!

The first is a new home card and was inspired by a little arrow shape on the paper that made me think of a house. So I went with the idea, and this was the finished product.

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The second is an anniversary card, and I have used one of pages from Bisous’s PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) journalling block as a tag. I did a bit of trickery on this one as the tag actually had the heart design at the top of the journaling block instead of the bottom, where I wanted it to be. So with a mentality inspired by my good friend Noell Hyman over at Paperclipping.com, I thought “everything is fixable”. So I neatly took a craft knife and cut around the design in a rectangle, leaving the narrow border of the tag in place. Then I popped out the design, turned it around and stuck a few address labels on the underside to stick it to the frame and hold everything in place. Now tell me honestly, would you have known that if I hadn’t told you?

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Who’s the kissing couple you ask? Well it is me and my other half on our wedding day. I played with the photo in photoshop to create a black and white image to print onto the tag. When I had it perfect I printed this onto white copy paper, and then stuck the tag onto the copy paper in the exact spot using masking tape. It is so worthwhile and rewarding when you get the picture or text in the exact place you want it, so you should give it a try. Be sure to tape all the way around the tag though, or the printer carriage might catch on it and rip the edges. Eeeeek!

Thanks for looking.


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