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Cards and Cupcakes

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Holiday season…i’m outta puff already.

My to do list this week as been pretty manic

At work – Massive corporate client move out, lots of work to do, plus billing day is fast approaching – so no rest for the wicked.

At home – been trying to sort out Crimbo pressies for the gang: some buying in shops, some purchasing online, one to design myself (which took a while with my limited Photoshop skills), for one i had to hunt out someone who could make something for me. Some are still in planning stage, and for some (namely Craig) I am completely clueless. And everytime i think i come up with a good idea, he either a. buys it himself, or b. decides that he wants it but cant wait til Christmas, or c. wants to upgrade it to one that costs a million pounds. Sigh.

In my craft room – I’ve been working on a project for The Scrapbook Magazine which incorporates making 3 layouts for less than £10. Its a great way to force yourself into being frugal, and its actually much easier than you think it would be. I guess sometimes I can get distracted by so much craft stuff that it’s hard to focus – they do say that too much choice is a bad thing. I think i agree. (so it may be time for a craft clearout, which is good news for all of you out there).

In the friend circle – preparations for thanksgiving. Okay, so Im not american, but a holiday which is focused on eating food and giving thanks – I simply must partake! We are celebrating on Friday, so i’ve been putting together some preparations for the celebration. I am making 3 pumpkin pies, cauliflower cheese and Mac & cheese – thank goodness I don’t have to make the turkey. I hate cooking poultry, it gives me the heebyjeebies.

In the gaming room – Its a fight to the bitter end. I want to play Lips Greatest Hits and sing my heart out, but Craig has been religiously playing Left 4 Dead II and Modern Warfare, and bizarre as it may seem, its actually quite intriguing watching him play them. Except I keep making him purposely startle the witch – which i love, but ends up killing him. Chortle.

In life – What other things which have been keeping me busy? Well, in case you have been living under a rock, New Moon has been released. I went to go see it with Sar yesterday and it was AwEsOmE! We went to a matinee, and it was full of pre-teenage girls. When the movie title came up, they all screamed and cheered. When Edward first arrived on the scene, they all squealed, and when Jacob graced us with his presence they all gasped as one hormonal entity. It would have been annoying if I didn’t feel the same way. Did I scream you say? Well, only me and Sarah know the answer to that question. I really wanna go see it again, heehee. I also had a phone call yesterday to say that I won a cookbook, which is really cool- so i can’t wait to get my floury hands on that. And tonight – Xfactor, i can’t decide who I love more: Stacey or Joe?

BUT for today, its been cards and cupcakes. SO here are some pics of both.

Thanks for stopping by and tomorrow i’m gonna show you how to make the tag pocket on the bottom card. See you then.

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  • Carmen November 23, 2009, 1:01 pm

    Can’t decide… go to see New Moon at the cinema or wait for the dvd. Wasn’t that impressed with Twilight as a movie so would I like this I wonder? Let’s face it – neither of them are Bill are they? Growllll. Love the books mind you – am halfway through Breaking Dawn.

    Well done on the cookbook win, which one did you get?

    • Hungryheffy November 23, 2009, 11:16 pm

      Oh, you are neither team edward nor team jacob, but into vampire bill. Well, there is enough to go around. Not sure which cook book it is, but im excited to find out. Enjoy Breaking Dawn. x

  • Rosa November 23, 2009, 10:45 pm

    Your cupcakes rose incredibly 🙂

    • Hungryheffy November 23, 2009, 11:17 pm

      i know, i love them when they are huge mountains like that. They look great when you add the frosting – although this batch didnt last that long im afraid. they were delish though. x

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