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Scrapbook Magazine Budget Challenge

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I cannot describe how excited I am about this.

Just before Christmas I was approached to take part in the 3 for £10 budget challenge for Scrapbook Magazine. I nearly fell of my chair when I read the email. OF COURSE I would love to!

So you may remember be speaking of another project that I was working on in early December, well now you can see for yourself! The issue was realised on 11th Feb, and I have been dying to pick up a copy, but only got a chance to do so yesterday. I was also absolutely delighted that my layouts are on the cover…okay, so its just a little picture, but that isn’t stopping me from proclaiming that I am a covergirl! heehee.

So go…go and pick up a copy of issue 44 of Scrapbook magazine so you can see the layouts close up, and all the other great projects in there. And thank you to everyone for their kind words of encouragement, especially my darling hubby who has been telling me for years that my work should be published. He’s so sweet. Love you bear.

Thanks for sharing this excitement with me, and you can leave me a comment here if you wanna.

And you can buy the magazine at the publishers website here.

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  • Carmen February 22, 2010, 10:53 am

    Whooo congratulations Lesley! I am most surprised actually to read that you haven’t been published nefore. Your work is gorgeous!

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