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Teacher Appreciation Week at Hungry Heffy Crafts

I remember in high school, there was one particular teacher that stood out, head and shoulders above the rest. She was kind and understanding, and never made any of her pupils feel self conscious about asking questions. She seemed to create a sense of calm, and even the most tempestous students were turned to obedient little lambs in her class room. She would recognise struggling students, and work hard with them on an individual level to ensure their development. She would buy the whole class creme eggs at Easter time, and lollypops on a hot day. We all loved her class, because she made learning less of a chore. She made learning fun.

On the other hand, I’m sure I could entertain you with the long lost of quirks some of my other teachers possessed. Like the teacher who had a bin called Lucy, and who cried when the bulb blew in his overhead projector (called Rufus BTW). Or the one who would walk around with a ruler in her hand so that she could check that the girls’ skirts were an acceptable length. These such teachers who perhaps preferred to ‘teach’ from a position of power, or out of fear. And although some teachers I liked more than others, I have come to the realisation that each and every one of these individuals played a part in making me become the person I am today, whether through their kindness or their discipline, their understanding or their iron rule.

And so we all have had teachers, in school and throughout life in general, but lets ask ourselves ‘do we ever really appreciate the teachers we have when we have them?’. Probably not, or at least not as much as we should. It’s almost as if you only realise how much you appreciate something when its suddenly gone.

So this week I want to hold a Hungry Heffy Crafts teacher appreciation week! I want to share a selection of Thank You cards especially for all those teachers out there that deserve our thanks. A thank you tribute to the teachers of Brookeborough Primary School, of Collegiate Grammar School and even of Stirling University, each of which have left their educational print on my life.

Thank You All.

See larger image

See larger image

Let kick off the teacher tribute with the first card! Every one knows that teachers and apples go hand it hand! It’s a well known fact, and a theme you’ll recognise through out the week to be honest. So heres a super quick card using an apple stamp from this cool ‘farmers market’ stamp set form Basic Grey.

I’ve gone for bold, bright colours to compliment the clean style of the card, colours very reminiscent of early school days – after all its these such primary colours that are the first ones we learn to distinguish.

I’ve stamped the apples using fired brick and peeled paint distress ink, and then added in a little stalk on each one using a fine liner marker pen. I also used a fine liner to colour the little pips. The thank you border stamp is from this stamp set from heroarts, and is perfect for cards like these.

Tomorrow is another day, and that means another teacher card to share, so i’ll see you then!
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