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MYM- Hows it rollin'?

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I used to have a pair of roller boots.
In fact, they were hand-me-downs, because they no longer fitted my sisters’ feet. But I didn’t mind the fact that they weren’t new to me, because they were so very, very cool. And when they were on my feet, that meant I was cool too! Didn’t it??
They were a multitude of colours: pink, yellow and green, maybe a bit of purple too, all of which were a fluorescent hue that would make any self respecting woman flinch these days, bur back then…ho ho… They were the height of fashion!

My friend Mandy and I spent many a day rollin around in our boots, up and down the street, stopping once in a while to a get icecream whilst resting on the wooden bench outside my house. Or we would go to the playground of our primary school, after all, the all-weather football pitch had the most perfect surface for roller skating, and the goal posts made great props for performing tricks or twists or turns.
I remember we would make up dance routines as we listened to our walkman stereos. We were so very, very cool!

Do they even sell roller boots any more? Or is it all about inline skates these days?
When was the last time you saw a Walkman stereo? Isn’t it weird to think that most kids nowadays have mobile phones and iPods, and likely their own computers too. I don’t think they’d be very excited about a walkman, not in the same way i was when Santa brought it to me.

I am grateful for those roller boots, and the memories they hold in my heart. Memories of friendship, of pride, of ownership of something so very cool. Memories of old technology which was revolutionary at the time, and of forgotten songs that spark within my mind.

Full of fond memories about friendship, it wasn’t long before my mind turned to Sarah, so it felt right to make this card a Miss You Monday card.

I hope you like it, and weren’t too distracted by the rambling! Heehee.

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