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Really Really missing Randolph.

You are all likely familiar with my Miss You Monday posts for my friend Sarah, well, today, I am sending a special Miss You post for her son, my darling Godson Randolph.

Following the excitement of hosting the June Paperclipping Challenge, I actually inspired myself into creating this layout.

Sarah and Rand have been in the USA for several months now, and as the weeks go on, I love getting regular updates on the latest and greatest thing that Rand is doing. Even though it kills me that he is half way round the world and I don’t get to watch him as he learns new tricks. He had just turned two before they went back to America, so he was entering that really lovely phase of learning new things every day, absorbing information from everything in his environment and saying funny things as he tries to interpret the world around him.

I miss the way he walks. The way he is obsessed with Craig and would say his name over and over again.
Our trips to starbucks, where Rand would walk around the seats until he got the one that was ‘just right’. I miss the way he would pull you out of the green chair if he decided that he wanted up there. I miss the way he calls ‘miya’ and then when the kitty came running he would get a little shy. I miss the way his eyes light up when he sees the bean bag, and insists that it is ‘D’dof’s chair’. I even miss the way that he steals your iPhone so he can see the ‘earth’ screensaver like on his daddy’s phone, then is confused when he actually sees a random photo of distress inks or flowers or some other random photo that is my wallpaper of choice.

As I was thinking about all these little specific Randolph things, quite simply the memories were creating an intense sense of sadness in me. But as is always the case – i crafted a little and I felt so much better. They say that crafting is cheaper than therapy, but i reckon its also better for ya! I find it so cathartic. yeaaaaaaahhhh!! Now I can smile at the fact that i’m going to see him again soon, and fall in love with the wee man all over again.

On a different note, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but it suddently dawned on me a little while ago that i’ve been making more and more cards, and making distinctly less scrapbook pages. To be honest, I cant explain it. It just happened to be a mood thing i guess. But i’ve got good news to share. I’ve been finding that lately i’m getting into the scrapbooking mood more often again!! Yeay!! I am excited about that.♥

For this layout, I didn’t care about matching papers or creating a stunning masterpiece- I simply just wanted to get the page done and tell a story, because I wasn’t crafting for a magazine, or a book, or for any other reason than for myself! But, in fact, I love this page a whole lot!! Ain’t it funny how that just happens sometimes?! Maybe I just love it cos my wee Randolph is on it, but thats ok by me! ♥

Thanks for popping by and listening to me rant, I hope you like the layout, and heres hoping theres loootsss more scrapbooky-mojo to come!

Have a great day!♥

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  • Elaina Friend June 15, 2010, 7:49 pm

    Hi Lesley

    Me thinks you are missing Randolph just a little toooo much, I think it might be time for you and Craig to have the ‘Baby’ talk. I know you would make great parents, don’t leave it to long for any reason.

    Anyhoo, I love the card and ‘hanging by a thread’ describes my state of mind perfectly at the moment. Did you ever grt your Wedding photo’s into an album?


    • Hungryheffy June 16, 2010, 9:13 pm

      hi elaina
      hows the family and the menagerie! i hope you are keeping better these days, and still crafting away. x

      i did get my proper wedding album and we also made a photo book which is lots of fun, because we got to include all those great candid shots that friends and family took. i’ve also got the wedding scrapbook album packed full of weddingy layouts, and i always add to it from time to time.

      i cant wait for sarah and rand to come back, and little Juliette when she comes into this world – due date 6th sept.

      keep well my lovely, xoxo

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