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Enjoy Your Day Little Birdies

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This card is sweet and simple, and full of feathery fun.

There must be a family of blackbirds in our garden. On Saturday, we let Miya out into the garden, and about 2 minutes later all we could hear is the incessant chatter of an angry bird….constantly! We brought Miya inside, and it stopped. A little while later, we let Miya out again – and, yip, you guessed it, the bird went crazy again. It sounds like a high pitched car alarm, and the sound carries the whole way through he house.

Poor Miya hasn’t got outside since. But at least the birdies are safe, and Mummy & Daddy bird aren’t having nervous breakdowns.

But i am warning you now, mister blackbird, if you wake us up at 5.30am again I will not hesitate to let Mizu outside with her hunting gear!

Have a tweet day everyone!

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