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'Just Big Kids' Scrapbook Layout

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Hey everyone.

I’m having lots of fun at home today, mainly because a day off work means a day full of play in the craft room! Miya has been delighted to have a servant at home all day, she even got to adventure outside for a while, which is a treat which is usually reserved for weekend afternoons.

One of the many tasks I set myself to do today was to take photos of my scrapbook layouts – Can you believe that there were SEVEN that I had never got round to showing you!?! crazy stuff!

So here’s one of the seven delinquent layouts, called ‘Just Big Kids’.

I made this layout after our trip to Northern Ireland back in May. As the holiday was nearing to an end, on one of the last days my brother Roger and his two boys, Joshua and Lewis, came into see us so we could have a trip to the park with Auntie Lesley and Uncle Craig.

We have a funny story to share (which one day will find itself on a layout i’m sure):

On their way into Brookeborough, Joshua was obviously thinking pretty hard. He looked at the front of the car and seen the two seats occupied by his mummy and daddy. With him in his car seat, and Lewis in his car seat, Joshua must have been thinking about the fact that there was only one seat left in the car. Thinking logically, as kids tends to do, he pipes up: ‘ Daddy, Auntie Lesley will need to come in our car, because she loves me and Lewis, but Uncle Craig will need to walk to the park because he just loves me!’

HAHAHA! What crazy thoughts go through their little minds! And for the record, Uncle Craig loves Lewis just as much as he loves Joshua!

In the village I grew up, there were two play parks, which most people, young and old, differentiated by calling them ‘the new park’ and ‘the old park’ or ‘the big park’ and ‘the wee park’. It had been years since I had been the either, so I was very excited to relive a part of my youth. Of course, you guessed it, it had completely changed! The previously wooden structures had been replaced with astroturf and hard-wearing metal based structures. Josh was in his element, and with a camera in my hand, I was too!

I think we all let out our inner child for a while.

P.s. I got some very exciting news the other day, but I’m not ready to share it just yet, but lets just say that you guys might be seeing my mugshot in print a wee bit more often over the next few months! Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! xoxo

Thanks for stopping by, and come back to see the rest of those scrapbook pages which I still need to share with you all. leave a comment here

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