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Rossanowlagh Beach – Summery Memories!

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Hey everyone,
Today I have a scrapbook layout to share. It’s funny how a single photo can bring back so many memories.

When we were growing up, summer holidays were full of fond memories of Rossanowlagh Beach. Every year we would go, with either friends or family. When we were very young, the beach meant jumping the waves with mummy, or building sandcastles. As we grew up, the beach meant playing with velcro-catch and digging massive dad-sized holes, and eventually it meant playing frisbee and catching the rays. No matter what we were doing, the beach always meant fun!

So the last time I was home in Northern Ireland, and Mum and Dad mentioned a trip to the beach, I jumped at the chance of re-living my childhood memories. I couldn’t help but take a photo through the car window of the ‘wee house’ that is the iconic feature of Rossanowlagh beach. All those memories came flooding back with just one glance of that stone structure. It makes me happy!

And so, it needed to be scrapped! With happy, bright summery colours, perfect for the beach! It was fun putting it all together.

Love it!!

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(p.s. just figured out that Rossnowlagh doesn’t have an ‘a’ in the middle. Whoopsies! ah, well, it did in my memories, so i’m not bothered’. hee heee!)

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