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Baby Names: What Would You Suggest?…

baby name suggestions

Hellllllooo everyone,

I made this project AGES ago, but have been waiting until now to share it with you! You might not figure out exactly what it is for straight away, but the idea came to me in a flash, and I couldn’t stop until the whole project was done.

Now that we are expected our first little munchkin, the inevitable question that is floating around my head is ‘what will we call him / her?’.  So many ideas, and no sooner had I peed on a stick that I was straight away bombarding Craig with numerous suggestions!  So many in fact, that I think I completely overwhelmed him! He put his foot down and banned me from talking about baby names!

Yes, he banned me from TALKING about names…but there was no way he could stop me from THINKING about names! Mwuahahaha!

And so it came to me, I needed to create a little box where I could put all my name suggestions, and when that day came round when I was finally given the green light to TALK about names, we could open the box and discuss the options.

Instead of a simple box, I wanted something a bit more creative, so I made these little milk carton-esque vessels, with a little hole so we could post through suggestions. And YES, Craig has been caught putting one or two in there as well! I also made a little matchbook style book with loads of little strips of paper and a pen, so there was always a writing instrument to hand when a name popped into our heads.

There are quite a few in there now, and lots of our friends have joined in the fun too, giving us little secret suggestions and silently hoping they are the ‘winner’. I am just so excited to find out if Craig and I have put in any pieces of paper with the same name!!

Do you have any names that you think I should put in there?! I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Oh, and don’t forget that there is still time to enter the competition. Check out the previous post which explains our new venture. :0)

Products Used

White Cardstock (I made up a template myself)
Embossed dots cardstock –nana’s kids stack DCWV
Pastel cardstock from Stampin’ Up
Swiss dots embossing folder from Cuttlebug
3mm Satin Ribbon
Chipboard frames (unknown company)
White gel pen
Heidi Swapp cardstock
Trimcraft flower brads
Craft knife

baby names suggestions

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  • Stephanie October 18, 2010, 1:34 am

    Oh my gosh that is soooo adorable! Oh i wish i had seen something like this ages ago, my sister’s due to pop her little girl in 5 weeks and they’ve pretty much settled on a name, but this would have been such a good idea for them! As for name suggestions……. i love Isobelle or Imogen for girls and Logan for a boy (my partner hates that name, and strictly told me ‘no’ for any of our children when the time finally comes! boo!)
    Anyway hope you manage to find the perfect name when the time comes!
    Take Care
    Steph x

  • Lesley Oman October 18, 2010, 7:28 pm

    ohh i like those names. We are a little restricted because our surname is Oman, so it wouldnt be right to give a baby the initials FO, or PO, or BO!! but how come all the names i like the most start with those letters! grrr.

  • Tina Smith December 7, 2010, 6:22 pm

    I have a Molly and a Rachel (they would have been Ryan or Lawrence if they were boys).

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