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Life Update & Scrapbook Magazine Sneak Peek

Whats going on in the land of Lesley?

LOTS!! Life is going a million miles a minute just now. It’s so very exciting, but also tiring, and i’m sure thats most likely due to the ever increasing bump that i’m carrying around with me. ♥

– Work has been crazy – we repatched the comms room last weekend, and then on Thursday and Friday, I decided to take some time off to recuperate. I definitely needed it! As soon as I got home from work on wednesday I jumped into my PJs and climbed into bed. I sneakily put a duvet underneath us, and a duvet on top, and I was oohhh sooooo snuggly! I think i fell asleep about 9 o ‘clock. It was awesome!

– The agent and conveyancer tells us that they expect that we will be exchanging contracts for our new house early next week! Oh, the thought of being in the new house by Christmas…. :0D

– I tried to make a start on my Christmas shopping. Normally we take a trip back to Ireland before Crimbo, but this year i’ll be too pregnant to fly. So i’ve been cruising the net looking for stuff that I can ship straight to mums house. I have to say, I totally get that online shopping is easy…blah, blah, but it doesn’t fill me with the same excitement that I get from walking around shops, seeing all the wonderful Christmas displays, colours and smells! < sigh! >

– Friday night we went out for a free meal! Ohh yeaaaah! ♥ It was one of those restaurant launches that they offer free meals to people in exchange for feedback on service etc. I had crab rolls for starter and the most amazing gammon and mash for mains. Unfortunately, baby didn’t want to let me eat my dinner! It’s ok though, because we got to have a great night out with Mark and Helen, plus Craig asked the waitress to parcel up my leftovers and we ate them the next day. Nom! We had bread to nibble on with starters, and the oil & vinegar mix looked like a smiley face: We just had to take photo for comedy reasons!

-I’ve reached 23 weeks. Baby is kicking and thumping and having a jolly old time in there. We have discovered that he/she likes jazz music. I had my first night of pregnancy insomnia (ugh) BUT we did purchase a pregnancy pillow (which has now been named Bob), and this has helped loads! I did promise to share my 20 week scan with you – here you go! Everyone is saying he/she looks like a mini-Craig! ♥ It blows my mind to think that there’s a little person growing in there!

– Saturday, we got up super early to travel to the other side of London- all in the name of craftiness! One of my fav online stores (ArtBase Hornchurch) is shutting its bricks and mortar shop, and were selling the scrapbook storage trays. I have been wanting these for ages! These are going to look great in the new craft room in our new house! Thank you ladies for making one of my crafty dreams come true!

– Sunday! What’s better than a Pyjama day?! A Onesie-day! Yip, I have a onesie and it is very snuggly! We watched the last Formula 1 race, and I spent loads of time in the craft room playing – which of course I will share as soon as I get the camera out to take some photos…

…but for now, a Scrapbook sneak peek!

I’ve been working on a few scrapbook layouts for issue 52 of Scrapbook Magazine (available to buy in February). I had sooo much fun making this layout, and I love the finished piece: I hope you will too! You’ll have to buy the magazine to see the full layout, but here’s some sneaky peekys to whet your appetite!

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave me a comment, but remember that if you want to enter the November prize giveaway to win up to £100 worth of craft goodies sponsored by Craftwork Cards, you need to go straight to the Nov competition post.

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  • Carmen November 16, 2010, 9:16 pm

    Can’t believe you are 20 weeks already – you have such a dinky bump you lucky thing – I just got big all over. Hurrumph!

    Am glad you are making time to relax and chill 🙂

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