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30 weeks Pregnant

30 weeks….geez!

Time has flown by so quickly. I can’t believe its 30 weeks already, it only feels a short time ago when we found out that our family was going to be growing.

You are kicking hard, and love to wriggle about especially when I lie down, eat anything, or when the radio comes on in the car on the way to work. You have recently discovered that you can get your feet up by my ribs- this is your new trick this week.

Your taste in music has changed; you used to love jazz music, now you can’t get enough of Cee Lo Green and his song ‘forget you’.

Without fail, when the clock hits 11pm, you roll about, causing bumps and lumps on my belly. You especially like it when daddy talks to you.

I am unbelievably thankful beyond words that someone once told me about Bio Oil. I have now started into my fourth bottle, and I do not have one single stretch mark (as yet). Bio-Oil rocks!

I never ever had indigestion or heartburn before being pregnant, and boy am I making up for lost time. It hurts so bad, and it leaves the most disgusting taste in my mouth. Fingers crossed it goes away once you arrive. I kinda feel bad for all the times I never gave Craig any sympathy when he was suffering from it. darn that karma!

Although people keep telling me that I have a ‘neat bump’, I have to admit that I am feeling huge already. Everything is awkward, more hassle, and definitely takes more energy. Its exhausting. I have caught myself waddling on more than one occasion, but promptly rectified the situation.

My hand automatically migrates to my belly like an invisible magnet: rubbing, patting, caressing or simply resting there. It’s so weird to believe that you are just a inch or two beneath the surface.

I find myself talking to my belly all the time, which to the outside world I imagine it seems like I am talking to myself…but im totally ok with that!

I mourn my inny belly button, whose valley like structure has inverted to create quite a mountain. Every day I pray it goes back in again.

According to iPregnancy you are 40 cm long and weigh 1.3 kilo. Your organs are fully formed and functioning now and it is thought that you have even begun to dream. This totally blows my mind.

Only one more day until the New Year, and only 6 more weeks of work. 2011 is going to change our world forever!

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