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Baby Shower Fun (and photos)

Hey everyone,

{quick warning – this is a photo heavy post}

I had a really great weekend. Craig’s dad came down to visit and helped us out with some DIY around the house – including installing a dimmer switch in the nursery, which I have been told is a really useful thing to do. My brother-in-law and girlfriend Leslee came for dinner on Sunday, so we got to spend a nice family day together. But best of the best, Saturday was the much anticipated Oman Baby Shower.

Sarah has been planning this for months, and finally the day arrived. All the plans were in place – Fifteen’s were made on Thursday (an Irish tray-bake yummy scrumminess) and cupcakes were made ‘en mass’ on Friday. There was a slight moment of panic on Saturday morning when I realised that I didn’t have enough butter to make the butter icing frosting for the cupcakes – but then I remembered that husbands are very good at running errands!

So all the plans were in place, and we just had to go to the venue in the morning to put together the food, and to make up the gift prize bags and favours. The preparation table looked so cute with all our stuff on there – it was begging to be photographed!

I had such a great time, the girls were great and Sarah had everything organised so well. She even made a selection of my favourite sandwiches: cheese & ham, brie & cranberry, cream cheese & grape and Apple & mars bar -YES; apple and mars bar!! – Don’t be screwing up your nose until you try it for yourself. Everyone there thought it was so bizarre, but after tasting everyone agreed that it really did work!

I was so very spoilt as I got lots of pressies, one of which was expertly wrapped (thanks Julie!).

Thanks everyone for making my baby shower so very special and for spoiling me rotten! I feel so lucky to have great friends out there to support us as we embark on the new adventure in our lives. I wish that we could magically transport people in the blink of an eye as I missed not having my mum and the rest of the Irish gang over, as well as Mum Oman who still continues to send surprise packages in the post. xox

I love y’all.


Thank you so much Sarah. Love you lots.xox

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