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Craft Room Add ons

Hi everyone,

I figured something out on Saturday. My pelvis is really sore on the left side. It has been for a few days, but I realised that it hurts so much more when I walk on carpet, and unbelievably less when I walk on hard flooring like tiles or laminate.

And so the idea came to me! We should go to ikea! Yes, i know…that may not be the two most obviously connected things in the world but it sure made sense to me! I must admit it did take a while to convince Craig that it was the right decision but after i had explained the reasons why we should go, he finally agreed. My reasons? Well its simple: (1) We needed to go to ikea anyway to pick up some bits for the craft room. (2) Its good for me to keep active so what better than a walk with a purpose, inside a warm building. (3) The floor is hard and level so hopefully it wont hurt my pelvis too much. (5) If it does hurt too much, I can use a shopping trolley as a support, thus walking without causing more damage… and (6) I have a 2 for 1 voucher for food!

I’m convinced that there were more reasons when i was rhyming these off to Craig, but I’m sure I just ended up repeating a couple of them over and over again. heehee!

So we went, and had a great time. { sorry, i mean I had a great time, because a trip to Ikea is like a day trip for me, poor Craig just doesn’t get filled with the same excitement as I do } Yes, I had a great time, and guess what – I had loads of contractions, well, fake contractions or Braxton Hicks – but that sure is a good sign! Another exciting thing – we managed to pick up some extra bits and bobs for the craft room – which means we are nearing the end of the craft room make over! Soon there will be lots o piccys to share with you all.

This I bought for my sewing machine. I wanted a narrow shelf but this leg gives it added support. Plus you can store stuff within because its made to be a laptop storage/ charging system. Can’t wait to get it installed!

I bought a load o these! They are a perfect size for my Expedit shelves and I have one for foam stamps, one for felt shapes, one for wire and beads… who knows what else may find a home in one of these boxes!

I bought a few more of these. So very useful, and I have an innovative idea on how to use one of them….it might not work out so i’ll keep my idea under wraps for now!

and some of these to go on the rails…

and I also picked up one of these for a bargain £1.99. Can you say ‘scrapbook shadow box‘!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  • laura August 9, 2011, 11:35 pm

    love the sewing table iv been looking for things like this to use in my room also we have a small room that is going to be my craft room and need all the space i can get! i havent got my ikea book yet love there store!

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