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Teenage Boy Birthday Card- Happy Bday Kyle!

Hey everyone

Yes…I got a little bit of crafting done this week! Hurray!!

And what better occasion than to celebrate Kyle’s birthday – he’s my eldest nephew, just turned 13 today! geez! I still remember when he was just a little tot, but now he has grown up super tall, over taking most of the rest of the family.

I wanted to also say how so, so proud I am of Kyle. He has always loved playing football, and I found out recently that he was asked to take part in the Northern Ireland trials – how amazing is that!?!  To think of all the kids in N.I that play footie, and our Kyle was handpicked out of them all to join the elite in the trials. What an achievement!? Keep up the hard work Kyle, you make us all so proud.

Oh, and have a very, very happy Birthday!


love and hugs

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