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Home Decor : Monogram Wall decoration

It has been months, and the craft room still isn’t just right!

I know that it’ll never really be perfect, because a room that is used will never be pristine, but what i do mean is that I still have a few things in boxes (I SHALL empty these reaaaaallllly soon) and there are also things lurking in places that I no longer remember. Eeek! SO frustrating! I really need to make sure I label the storage boxes better.

Although its not perfect, I can still say with my hand on my heart that I LOVE my craft room.

A litte space. A haven. Somewhere that is MINE! An escape pod. I can paint it, decorate it, mould it to be what ever i want it to be! yippeeeee! 🙂 Creative freedom is bliss!

Before Christmas we took a trip to a craft store on the other side of London, and I picked up some Making Memories 8″ chipboard letters. I had never seen these before, but wanted to buy a million of them! Unfortunately, there were only a few left as they were in the bargain bucket, but I was thrilled to find the last ‘L’.

BING!! light bulb! I knew that this was going to make its way onto my craft room wall.

I found them this weekend when I was pulling my glue gun out of a cardboard box (oh my goodness, it took me ages to find it), and about 10 minutes later, with the help of some Black soot distress ink, my chipboard pieces were black, and became another part of my craft room that i just love!

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