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Home Decor – Nursery wall hanging

Hi there,

Today’s project is perfect for hanging in the nursery, but with a change of colour theme, it could work in any room to be honest. The project itself took me only 20 minutes to make, so you could even make a bunch of these and hang them together to make a mobile!

Recognise that fabulous ribbon? You may have seen it in the video for our current competition sponsored by MeiFlower. I think I am in love with this scalloped ribbon, its so delicious! To make the flower, I simply cut five identical lengths of ribbon, folded each one into a loop and punched a hole at the cut ends, and secured them all together with a brad. Next, fan out the ribbons evenly to make a flower shape. To add a bit of sparkle, I’ve added a gem onto the brad, which looks amazing in the sunlight.

The cord that I have used is also from MeiFlower. I’ve been using this cord for ages to make little tiny silver bows on my cards and scrapbook pages, but its also great for putting along the edge of your cards, adding to tags, to gift bags and boxes, and for little projects like this using beads. I love the way it looks when the light catches it.

And the daisy charm on the end….I’ll give you one guess where I got that from!

Be sure to enter our Meiflower competition and you could have fun playing with Meiflower goodies too!

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