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Felt Hair Barrette

Cute huh? I can’t wait until Piper gets more hair on her head so I can have fun making her pretty hair accessories to match her outfits! But for now, i’ll have to just make them for me!

I already have some handmade hair accessories in my ‘hair-stuff drawer’ but wanted to use some felt with my dies and thought it would make a really cute hair barrette. What do you think? The photo makes the red look pretty intense, but its not that crazy i promise. lol.

Products used
Flower dies
Meiflower flower sequins
metallic thread
pearl bead

Guess I’ll have to go and buy some more pretty clothes to match my flowers (do you reckon i’ll get away with that?)

In other news…Piper and I are heading off to Northern Ireland tomorrow. I can’t figure out if im more excited or more scared! Im not looking forward to doing the journey with her on my own! But armed with a push chair and a moby wrap, and an abundance of nappies, hopefully we will make it without too much drama.

I cant believe she is 12 weeks tomorrow! They said it goes by fast! More photos to come shortly i promise.

Wish me luck for the flight, and dont worry, i’ll still be posting on the blog! Have a great day.

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