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The First Mummy Month: Week 1

The biggest change in my life so far? Becoming a mummy. Most definitely, and perhaps some of you consider this to be amongst the biggest life changing events in your lives. But truth is, you spend nine months waiting, planning, expecting, setting up dreams and hopes, and then WHAM! everything moves a million miles a minute. Late night feeds mean restless nights, tired eyes and fuzzy heads, suddenly everyday things need more planning, routines are changed and in honesty you really don’t know whether you are coming or going!

And yet everyone tells you to relax and enjoy the first few weeks. But it’s hard. Your senses are heightened, you are so very sore (after all you’ve just produced a human being from your bits!), the parental-worry gene has been activated within your brain, and everything is so…New… Different… Overwhelming…. Exciting… Amazing, Jaw droppingly amazing.

I made myself a promise. I DO want to remember these first few weeks. When bambino was so tiny and wrinkly. When life is moving at such a fast pace that you can’t keep up with yourself in the present, perhaps I could do a better job by looking back and remembering retrospectively.

So I had a notebook. Nothing special, just an ordinary notebook that lived in our living room. Every day that we received a gift, i jotted down the sender so that one day i could eventually send thank you notes. I grabbed my notebook when i was feeling something, and wrote in it.

One of the things that i am so glad i did was to write down a few short notes each week in regards to me and in regards to baby P.

Each week i would take stock of events, thoughts or any other general stuff that was going on, and of course my camera was never too far away either.

It’s only now that I have had a chance to scrap these notes, and today I want to show you my layout about week 1 as a Mommmy. I’ll be sharing weeks two, three and four soon too.

Thanks for stopping by and i hope you’ll come back to see the other three layouts about my first month as a mommy.

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  • Gill August 4, 2011, 7:58 pm

    This as always is lovely. My youngest baby is 24 now and has a 4 year old of her own but I still remember her first weeks like it was yesterday. It is sooooooo special, enjoy every moment.
    Gill xxx

    • Lesley Oman August 8, 2011, 7:35 pm

      thanks Gill. 😀

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