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Piper Monthly – 8 months

I thought i better get a Piper monthly posted to celebrate 8 months, because it wont be too long until she’s nine months…

*You have been sick f.o.r.e.v.e.r. This week we went back to the doctor this week and they finally gave us antibiotics. You are coughing non stop at night, your skin is awful again, and your face has a rash all over it. It’s horrible to feel so helpless.

*You are so very desperate to crawl. I guess you see the other kids at nursery doing it. You have figured out how to bend one knee behind and lean forward but the strength isnt quite in your arms yet. At Mark and Heli’s house you managed to make yourself slide backwards on the laminate – you looked so proud of yourself.

*You are eating your three meals a day now, and have moved from the puree, over to the seived foods at nursery. More texture for you. It seems to be working well. You probably eat better than we do! I even made one of the meals from the Annabel Karmel baby food book – it was really delicious i kinda wish we had kept some for us!

*Speaking of food, we have started introducing little snacks: rice cakes, bread sticks and flavoured corn rings. You love nibbling on them, and i love watching your little fingers pick up the small soggy pieces. You always have such a look of determination.

*Daddy picked up your first Christmas present. But you will have to wait until Christmas day to find out what it is πŸ™‚

*Your hair is growing longer, but there is a perfect little circular bald spot down near the nape of your neck. So cute. Your hair is much blonder than i ever expected it to be.

*Two top teeth cut through in one weekend. You were such a good wee girl. There was a few extra cuddles required, but you still managed to sleep through the night. It’s amazing how different you look with those extra little toothy pegs. You keep rubbing your cheeks and jaws though, I suppose they are still causing you a little pain.

*You had your first taste of yoghurt – well, petit filou. Yes. It is very yummy.

*You have said your first word. You have been babbling dada and mama, but this was a proper word, in context. You were in your highchair and miya sauntered through the dining room. You leaned forward and reached out and said “ahkat”. Later on when we were all upstairs we sat you beside Miya and asked “whats that piper”. Being the clever girl you are, you answered “a cat”. πŸ™‚

*Granny and Granda C have booked tickets to come and see us before Christmas. They are really looking forward to seeing you again. The last time they held you was when you were 6 weeks old. I think they will notice quite a difference!

* For Children In Need, the nursery held charity events all week long and one particular day was a fancy dress day. The theme was ‘book characters’. I thought long and hard and then it came to me in a flash of inspiration – Wheres Wally?! The clothes was easy and I made a hat with a pom pom as well as a fabric walking stick. I popped a little tube inside with a few beads in it so it would rattle – at least this way it would keep your attention. The glasses were just for the photo of course – made using chenille sticks. You looked at yourself in the mirror with amazement reaching out to your glasses in the reflection, and then over to my glasses. I think you enjoyed being like mom for a little while.

Eight months, and I love you more than ever. x

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