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Piper Monthly -10 months

oh gee. 10 months.

– You celebrated your first Christmas, and Santa didn’t just leave presents he also gave you some more skills! You started crawling on Christmas day! You had been sliding backwards for a while but Dec 25th was definitely the day that you discovered the forward motion. By Boxing day you were an absolute pro!

– You are constantly trying to repeat what we do and what we say. In the car today daddy sneezed and then you made a noise which sounded exactly the same. You were so pleased that you made us laugh so hard.

– You can say cat, da, ma, ba, moo, dog, ball, duck and ta (thank you). And every day you are trying to create new syllables. You make me so proud

– You have discovered that when we are holding you, if you point in one direction we will move that way. It is one of the greatest games now. You love being in control {ahem, not at all like your daddy, eh?!}

– Poor Miya. She loves being near you and keeping a protective, watchful eye over you, but now that you can crawl you like chasing her around. I sometimes think Miya is a bit of a gluton for punishment because there are plenty of places up high that she could sit safely out of your reach, but no, she chooses to be right down beside you. i LOVE that!

– In nursery you are moving up to the next age group. Now that you are very mobile you are no longer a Koala, but are progressing on to the Grizzlies. Poor Rachel is going to miss spending her days with you.

– Finally I am putting away your first Maxi-Cosi car seat. Daddy has been using the bigger car seat in his car, but we needed to buy another one for my car. It was getting so difficult to carry both you and the car seat in and out of the car. Another item that you have outgrown that needs to be placed up into the attic.

– You are doing really well at eating your finger food. I think i underestimated you for a while. I picked you up early form nursery one day and you were happily munching on a toasted teacake, a spinach & feta goujon and chunks of apple. Since then you have been trying everything. You even tried some of the famous Kenny’s chicken fillet special! It made daddy so very jealous!

– You are such a little flirt. On the aeroplane over to Northern Ireland you were looking around the plane, waving, clapping hands and blowing kisses. Loads of people were sneaking peeks over at you beaming with smiles. I guess you have that effect on loads of people.

– Still creaming you up everyday. You must have the most extensive beauty regime of anyone i know. I think we have now reached 7 different products. You want to help now, but sometimes that means we get a teeny bit messy!

– Last week in Tesco when i was doing the grocery shop, two different people stopped me on different occasions to tell me that you are beautiful. No wonder daddy says you’re not allowed to start dating until your 25!

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