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Back to Business. MAN-day Monday – A clean & simple Man Birthday Card

Hey guys,
I’m baaaccckkkkk! I would like to say that i’ve been sitting back relaxing, taking it easy and enjoying some time off for these last 10 week or so, but that would be a big fat lie! LOL
First, I lost my voice for about 8 days (!!), then I was planning Piper’s birthday outing and birthday party, then I was only just recovering from that when my parents came to visit. Then it was Craig’s birthdsy.

Its been crazy, but also very good fun.

I’ve not forgotten about the giveaway, It’s coming soon. But for now, a MAN-day Monday post.

I always get Craig a shop bought card, but mum asked me to make a card for Craig. To be honest I kinda forgot about it and then had about five minutes to make one. All things considered I think it turns out pretty awesome.

Once again I reached out for Echo Park dots and stripes paper, I really have to get lots more of this stuff!!

Have a great day.

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  • EllenM April 3, 2012, 12:09 pm

    I love the dots and stripes too. Very nice card.

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