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Things To Do Chart

I’m a list maker.

And i love it.

At work, I have a ‘things to do’ book, and really cannot function without it. Its like a life line, an aide-memoire, an archive, a thought extractor, a telephone directory, a doodle pad and really, all in all, that book is priceless to me.

At home I must confess that I am not as organised. I’ve got loads of notebooks here, there and everywhere. I like having them so i can jot things down, but then sometimes i find that i write something down and then don’t look at that book for weeks.

I decided that i needed a way to make a note of project ideas which was more visible to the eye. Whats the point in writing down ideas then tucking away the notebook and not looking at it for ages?

So I started creating, and this is what I came up with. I knew i wanted to use little clothes pegs. I had some teeny tiny ones, but thought they were too small, and i knew that normal clothes pegs would be a bit too big for what i wanted. So for a while this project sat on the sidelines, until one day I found a pack of pegs that were the perfect size. Not too big, not too little. just perfick! wooohooo, love it when that happens!

I used a chipboard square from Zutter – its actually supposed to be a chipboard book cover but it was a good size and really sturdy.

Next stop- papers. I loved the Dots and Stripes paper from Echo Park and wanted to use these for the pegs, and as this is going to hang in the craft room, I chose bright, happy colours! 😀

I cut squares from black card and stuck these down and added a peg to each one, this way the white note would stand out against the black background, and it kinda makes a border when you are looking at it from a distance.

There was a gap in the middle, and at first i was going to add some more papers but then i had an idea. A little while ago I designed some business cards and got them printed at MOO.com. There were a variety of designs with different words, so instead of using pattern paper, i added three little business cards. <3

I thought i was done, but my brain told be otherwise as my hands kept on crafting. Next I made a little additional piece to hold the squares of scratch paper and stuck it to the bottom of the chart. This also was fun to embellish.

Now my chart hangs on my wall in the craft room. I have used these to stick it up..

I have been using these a lot and they are wonderful!! At the start i thought that they were a bit costly, but I’ve had this packet for ages and was impressed that they can hold quite a load and i love that it doesn’t require drilling or mess.


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