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I’m baccccck! Sorry for the hiatus, and i’m afraid i have no other excuse than plain old naughtiness. heehee!

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you KNOW that you should be doing something, but just have no will in the world to do it. I’ve been feeling a bit like that recently. I had a scrapbook layout to make for issue 65 of the Scrapbook Magazine, which i made quite happily without bother, but i get the feeling that i must have packed my paper crafting mojo into a box with the layout and shipped it off to the Publishers.

Its not that i’ve been uncreative. Just blatantly creative in ways that i shouldn’t be. I should have been making a birthday card for Craig’s mum, and i should have been making cards for the mass onslaught of birthdays that are coming over the next few weeks –  i think there are about 5 in total!

Instead I want to paint. PAINT? yip, paint.

I have been increasingly frustrated with our white walls in  our house and feel the need for something more. Something more colourful, something more inspiring, something more inviting…just something MORE!

I have plans. Lots of plans. Some have gone through the necessary approval levels, some have yet to be pitched to hubby but i am hopeful that these changes will make me feel more at home when I’m at home. All i can say is God Bless Pinterest! There is so much inspiration on that site! love it!

I have a ton of projects lined up to show you as i finally got my camera back in my hand to take photos of the stuff i’ve made, starting with another MAN-day Monday post tomorrow.
See you then


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