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You Have A Baby In Your Belly!

No matter if I’m deep in concentration peering at my pc, or if we are on a conference call, or making tea in the kitchens, every so often Lisa will say “Lesley! I have a baby in my belly!!!”. To which of course i smile, give a mini squeal and say ” i Know, how awesome is THAT!?”.
Even though I went through this transformation only recently, it still blows me away.

So as the weeks passed by and L&N started making more public announcements about the growing bump, I wanted to make a congrats card for them, and OH BOY was i determined to have the words ‘baby in your belly’ on there.

It was a little, teeny, weeny bit of a mission, but I’m so chuffed it worked. I hunted through my stash and found some stamps to use. The word ‘baby’ was easy, ‘belly’ is mixture between BabY and hELLo. But it was all worth it.

This was my first real play with the spring distress inks, did i tell you how much i love that yellow! yummmmmm. its the perfect colour of happiness. I can’t wait to play some more with these ink pads. x

Congratulations L&N. love you and can’t wait to meet my new little ‘niece/ nephew’. xx


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