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MAN-day Monday: Good Luck and Bon Voyage Emil

Another MAN-day Monday to share with you today, and this time its a good luck card. One of the guys at work is going back to work in Latvia. He’s been in the Centre for years so when I heard that he was going back I simply had to make him a little card. For this one I even sketched it out first as I was feeling particularly inspired one day.

My original thought was to use a stamp for the plane, but the only stamp i had was teeny tiny, but i found an old 6×6 paper stack which had this aeroplane on one page. The tones were perfect for a more subdued, masculine feel so all the patterned paper i used was from this stack. I even did my research and found that the Latvian flag looks like this….

…so i incorporated this into the design. easy peasy.

The good luck bit i just drew. Sometimes you just can’t get a stamp that is just quite right, and well, when the laptop is all the way in another room a pen just seems easier (at least for lazy old me).

All the best Emil. If you are ever back, come and visit us!



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