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Using Fringe Scissors: You're the best, Owl Card

I finally got myself a pair of fringe scissors. They kinda intrigued me and intimidated me all at the same time for a while, but as soon as I got them home i started playing and they are really easy to use.

They were comfortable and remarkably easy to line up the cut when you move your blades along. The one thing i noticed though was that when you close them completely, they can leave a tiny tear at the top where the thickness of the blade kinda twists the paper a little, but this can be avoided by only snipping partially, using the main section of the blade rather than the tips.

For this card i folded a piece of paper in half lengthways and snipped along the length of the folded edge. When you stick it to the card they all look nice and neat, but i fluffed the up a bit to get some more dimension and personality into the card.

See that little Owl? That is a rubber stamp that Craig brought me home from his trip to Seattle as a little surprise. He bought it from Impress Rubber stamps, and i have stamped him using chalk ink which gives a fabulous smooth finish.

To make his eyes i have used ranger enamel accents and his beak is a teeny tiny piece of yellow paper.

We’re off to the beach, so have fun you guys!

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