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Tennis Toddler Costume: Sewing Project. In The Olympic Spirit.

Just wanted to share a quick photo of the newest Olympic Gold medalist.

Britain has been overcome with Olympic fever and its fantastic to see so many inspiring and motivating individuals who are acting as fabulously positive role models for todays youth.

To launch the Olympics, the nursery had an Olympic theme dressing up day so I bought a 2 pack of polo shirts at Sainsbury’s, cut them apart and sewed them back together to make this tennis dress for Pi. The medal is plastic, bought at a party shop last year, but i put a few stitches into the cord to sew it onto the dress, this way Piper couldn’t pull it or choke on it, but the bottom bit is loose so she can look at it and hold it in her hands. And see those ‘tennis’ balls – actually yellow balls from the ball pit with a little bit of sharpie magic. haha.

It’s Pipers first Sports Day tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’m not much good at sporty things, and given that Piper has only managed to learn to walk in the last week or so its not likely that she will be fully coordinated for the sporting events. Our hopes all rest on Daddy!

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