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Life Is Better With You: Scrapbook Layout

Throughout the last six months, my hubby has been away more times with work than we have as a family in the last 2-3 years. When he is away, it is so tough. I seriously have a new found admiration for single parents because it makes you realise how much easier it is when there are two of you, tag teaming and supporting each other. Even little things like coming downstairs and being greeted by a cup of tea after putting the little one to bed, those little things mean so much. Its not the same when he’s not here.

Craig is back from his latest adventure tomorrow and I am so excited to see him. I miss him so much. He is my rock, my best friend, my pick-me-up, my cleaner (seriously, i have made such a mess of this house despite trying really hard!) and he also plays the role of my producer at times – Making sure I get motivated to do the things that I need to do!

As I am feeling a sense of husband appreciation I wanted to share this layout I made a little while ago. All about my hot hubby.

One day a couple of months ago he started to find it hard to breath. It rapidly worsened and he had to go into hospital and get the whole works, diagnostically speaking. It really scared me. One of those moments when you feel like you’ve been slapped around the face with an ice cold fish. Where your tummy feels like its dropped out of your insides, right through the floor and hit the earths core with a bang. In fact he is categorically not allowed to get ill ever, ever again.

For this project I used a 6×6 pad of pattern paper – the buttercup collection from Lily Bee Designs. I love the colour combo of yellow, teal and grey! yummy!

I made the base of the layout on location and then finished the page with a photo, but then realised i didn’t leave any room for journaling ( D’Oh!). So i decided to add the journaling behind the photo, almost in a book format. Which kinda suits because I think that Craig would rather it be that way.

I also added a few tags from clothes which I had bought recently, I adore the little ‘made with love’ script. So cute!

Thanks for stopping by.x

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