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Hybrid Crafty Christmas Card – Rudolph The Reindeer

Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa will be here shortly, but i thought i would jump on a share a Christmas craftiness with you all. This is the kinda Christmas Card that is a result of a little messiness, a little craftiness, a little digi scrapbooking and a little online retail therapy. Sounds like a long drawn out process, but it wasn’t really, i promise.

Here’s our Christmas card from this year. Do you like it?

So, firstly I must ask…Do you get it? The more people i ask, the more i realise that it perhaps isn’t immediately obvious. If you don’t get it, please proceed to standing on your head, look again and then tell me what you see?

Okay, to put you out of your misery..its Piper’s handprint, made into a reindeer. Get it now?

We had a little play with paint in November and once dry, i took one of her brown handprints and stole it away into my crafty lair. I then used a Quickutz reindeer die to cut out two antlers and ears and stuck these on to the paper. Then i added a pompom nose and some goggly eyes, and used a needle to sew a piece of thread through as a tail. Next I took some photos using my camera.

Next stop was importing a photo and using photoshop to crop around it. In fact the tools in photoshop did all the work, the only part i had to be careful with was around the goggly eyes as it didn’t pick up the glossy section.

I then took a look through my digital scrapbook supplies and pulled a few into photoshop, layering and altering as i went to create a background for this little fella.

(A little disclaimer: I am afraid i am unable to name all the digi supplies used, as when our hard drive crashed, the recovered files did not retain their original names, so I don’t know where they are from. 🙁  sorry you guys)

Next stop was printing. I had the most bother with this part. I looked online, but each site had different rules for sizes etc, and the cost per printed folded card was ridiculous, and then i asked a local print shop to provide a quote. It was still working out too pricy, especially when you add 50p postage for the price of stamps on each one. In the end I printed these with photobox as a standard 6×4″ print, and i wrote a message on the back with an ultra fine sharpie pen. For a few of the more ‘traditional’ recipients I actually cut around the border and stuck it down onto a card blank.

I’m really happy with the way they turned out…but to be honest, i would be happier if people actually figured out that it was piper’s handprint! LOL. Ah well, never mind, its Christmas!!

Have a great day everyone, and I hope Santa comes to each and every one of you!


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