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'Remember' Blog Box: An Aide Memoire for Blogging


{Side Note: I still have a few Grab Boxes available – see this post for more info)

Are you like me? You know, when you make stuff, maybe even take some photos but then forget to blog it? I am rubbish at sharing everything i make. Self professed rubbishness.

I was flicking though my iPhone photo library and spotted lots of photos of projects which i hadn’t shared. I started making a list. The thing is… I always make lists. Grab a notebook. Make a list. Misplace the notebook. Grab another notebook. Make another list. ad infinitum. 

Time for a change! When i was clearing down the craft room I found this little wooden box. It reminded me of the library card boxes. I took some scrapbook papers and my trimmer and set to work making a pile of little cards to fill the box.

I stuck some washi tape around the box and added some letter stickers. Next I took to my silhouette to make two little divider cards. Yeay! I love it. Now i can jot down each new project on one of the cards and stockpile them at the front, then once i blog it, can move it to the back. (from looking at the photos i have only just realised that i forgot to stick down the middle of the letter E. Ah well, never mind!)

Its even the perfect side to hold my date stamp. SORTED! 🙂

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