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Treat Your Car To Home Sewn Accessories: Trash Bag and Tissue Holder

Do you like it? Its a trash bag for the car!

You see, I am a self confessed messy car owner. In fact, my husband would say I am a messy car creator! He is always going on about how my car is full of rubbish. Meh. It doesnt bother me at all. The car is a way to get from A to B, its not like i have an emotional attachment to it. In a bid to try to at least appear more concerned, (and to avoid eye rolls from the hubs) I decided to address the situation. You see, the mess is mostly tissues or receipts or the odd choccy wrapper – just one or two of course. By no means would there ever be a situation where there were several strewn all over the car, evidence of a particularly tough week at work! ahem!

Remember my toy storage box that i made from denim? Well i had so much fun playing with an old pair of Craig’s jeans that i thought i would pull out the remains of denim from the fabric scraps drawer.

The main part of the bag is made using the leg of the jeans, with a square of denim sewn in as a base. I then lined it using this bright funky material. The hardest bit was adding that little tab – there were so many layers of denim that the stitches were a bit wonky at times. I think i need to invest in a thicker needle that will manage denim at bit better.

To use the bin, I have added a zip lock sandwich bag as a liner, so if there is any icky mess it wont damage or stink up the fabric.

While i was happily crafting, i decided to make something to hold some tissues. It makes me cringe when I have bambino in the car then I hear a sneeze from the back seat and there is no tissues within reach! ick!

I made this so it would hold a roll of toilet paper. I removed the inner cardboard tube and then pulled out the tissue from the inside of the roll. Once again the main part of the project was made using denim from a leg of jeans, but with trim at the top. Using this patterned paper I made a drawstring feature so it could gather the fabric up together at the top, but there was also a hole to feed through the tissue.

To make it pretty, I added a fabric flower and a button too.

So now the question is: will my car stay clean? Well, that would be telling wouldn’t it!!

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  • Joan September 3, 2013, 3:17 pm

    LOVE your idea–exactly what I need for the car–soft so it doesn’t bump into my knee in the passenger seat!! Thanks. I don’t machine sew but I figure I cd make it from felt and hand sew it. Joan

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