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Drippy Butterfly: Using Watercolours on cards

Hello everyone,

I have noticed a shift in the crafty world. We’ve seen spritzers, misters and sprays for a little while now but I feel like theres now even more focus on mixed media in the industry. I have never really kept myself to just one area, I am an experimenter, a dabbler, and i thought it was time to introduce some more mediums into my projects….or at least try.

I liked the end result of this card, but it did take a little while to free myself into becoming used to inky, painty mess on the craft table. Here is how I made it….

First I dug out my watercolours. I want to tell you that it is not a fancy watercolour set – its a bog standard one a bit like this one on amazon at £2.10. The lid has got little circular reservoirs so i picked up some water, swooshed the brush around the paint and then transferred it over to the reservoir side. To create the drip effect you need a very wet mixture, so i kept going until i had a painty water mix, then I dabbed the brush onto the card- letting the paint drip off the brush and rest on the paper. Then I took a straw and whilst holding the card at a 50 -60 degree angle, I blew the paint to encourage it to drip down to the bottom. Once I had done this, I got rid of the excess that was on the brush by painting a bit on a spare piece of white card. I repeated this for all the colours and purposefully blew the paint across one another to create an artsy look.

After my paint was dry (quick blast of the heat gun did wonders to speeding this along) I used a Martha Stewart punch to punch a butterfly from white card and then I punched another butterfly from the painted bits on the scratch card. I then added a white butterfly to the card along the paint splodge line, and then using a small glue dot, put the painted butterfly on top. This way I could bend the wings of the butterfly up to create dimension and the white butterfly underneath created something almost like a shadow, which made the top one really stand out!

I thought the card looked pretty cool, but it needed some final bits to finish it off – a few gems, twine and an embossed greeting did the trick!

Thanks for stopping by!


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