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Making Layered Elements With Scraps

I keep most offcuts in a little box, and every so often I challenge myself to make cards using only those scraps.

One weekend I was half heartedly watching a movie on the iPad in the craft room whilst making a layout and the layout finished before the movie. I grabbed my scrap box and started pulling pieces and building little self assembled embellishments. I didn’t dwell too much on matching colours or worrying about what they would be used for, I just kept going until the movie finished.

As the credits rolled I looked at my desk and I kind of surprised myself. There were loads, and it wasn’t long until inspiration took flight. I grabbed a photo and used a grid type design to build a layout about Piper and her cousin Jack.

Because the elements were already assembled, it took no time at all to put this layout together. Once again I didn’t get caught up in the colours or styles, I just went with it. I love that the layers give lots of interest and dimension too!

What a great way to use up those scraps and transform them into beautiful elements that quite frankly could cost a lot of money in the shops.

See ya later alligators!

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