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Personalising A Ski Helmet With Vinyl & The Silhouette Cameo

Just like every other little 3 year old girl in the world right now, Piper LOVES Disney’s Frozen! I have to admit, I kinda love it too! 🙂

When we went skiing earlier in the year, I wanted to give Piper a little surprise so I made her a personalised ski helmet, with her name and also featuring a certain little frosty friend! My name’s Olaf, and I like warm hugs!

I hadn’t really used the silhouette to cut vinyl before but I was really intrigued. A few years back when decorating Piper’s nursery I bought some vinyl from eBay and loved the look – i was excited to see how I could personalise other things as well as walls. As soon as I saw the ski helmets in the shop i knew what i wanted to experiment with!

I played around a bit to get the right settings – and to be honest there are loads of websites that have helpful guidance on the blade settings for vinyl, a quick google search made this part easy.

Sorry for the rubbish iPhone photos – late night crafting sesh often results in quick photos on the phone.

First stop – her name. In case you are wondering, the font is Lobster -i kinda love it. I did have to move the P closer to the i in order to create one merged piece of text.

OLAF! I love this little guy! We hid the helmet away until we got to the resort – when she saw it her face lit up so much it made my heart melt, but some people are worth melting for.

Of course, I couldn’t leave the back empty, now could i?


‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ – of course Piper did! Daddy and Pi made their own snowman outside the chalet – its the first photo in this post! Although don’t tell anyone that we had to use foil caps from wine bottles as eyes!

And of course Daddy didn’t want to miss out either! Here’s a quick look at Craig’s helmet, sporting the logo from the Games Studio he works for.


A little tip to share in regards to sticking these bad boys onto the helmets: the vinyl is super thin, which means that it can stretch really easily and lose its shape. To remove the vinyl from its backing i first covered the design in overlapping strips of washi tape. I used one that i didn’t really like much, it came in a multi-pack, so i wasn’t that bothers about using lots in order to ensure the perfect transference.

Im sorry this post has so many photos – but here’s one last one to make you smile!

Stay Cool!!

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  • Suz Gray June 14, 2014, 2:13 pm

    When I saw the photos of your trip I knew the cute helmet had to be handiwork

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